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Thursday, December 30, 2010

goodbye 2010, hello 2011

Can't sleep, its 10 to 5 in the morning, last day of the year. Still in Scone leaving for Sydney today. Have so much to do, trying to make it to Sydney before the new year comes in, to have take away thai for dinner and watch fireworks over Coogee Beach.

This year has been a challenge for me, it has been hard and heavy but also filled with light and beautiful moments. I achieved a lot in many ways, but still have a long way to go, to achieve much more.
Yamila and Joaquin Harrington Hotel Dinner
Harrington Hotel dinner

Things I did and achieved this year
1) was pregnant for second time in my life and loved it
2) had a gorgeous baby girl who was due on the 9th of April but came on the 21st, 2 weeks later
3) enjoyed a very quick, drugfree, natural and relative painless birth
4) subsequently after this wonderful experience nearly died at childbirth due to stubborn placenta
5) due to 4) had to have a blood transfusion (5 units of blood) and am so grateful to the wonderful people in this world that donate their blood everyday
6) Had my parents stay with us for 6 months in our small 2 bedroom flat in Coogee
7) enjoyed my parents immensely
8) saw my 3 year old son grow up before my eyes, yet he still remains so innocent
9) applied for two postdocs
10) was rejected for two postdocs
11) finished a paper and published a paper on extinct fossil bandicoots
12) trying to finish another paper
13) got mastitis 4 times
14) had a scare with a growth in my thyroid
15) had an operation to remove half my thyroid
16) kept breastfeeding after this feat
17) recovered from number 13
18) learning to be a mother to two beautiful children
19) learning to be passionate about things
20) learning to push myself to achieve my goals

Things I want to achieve in 2011
1) Learn to drive and get drivers license
2) finish paper from 2010
3) fix and reupholster chairs in living room
4) get rid of unwanted clothes
5) loose baby weight (weight around tummy that does not seem to budge)
6) run regularly and do not eat for 2
7) spend time playing with my children and read to them more often
8) be patient with my children
9) make more things
10) make more things with my children (food and toys)
11) Learn to take better photographs
12) learn not to worry about state of house, laundry etc.
13) keep track of Zalia's first year and Joaquin's 3rd year
14) Spend January with Joaquin and Zalia
15) learn to be more efficient
16) learn not to be scared to take initiatives
17) apply for many things
18) do a deep soul searching to try to find what you want from life from yourself
19) stay healthy and fit for my children
20) be happy and grateful for all I have, all I know, and for my wonderful loving family


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

angry and hurt

Today was a strange day, I have been angry at the world, but due to selfish things to do with me.
I am down as i did not get the postdoc I so wanted in Argentina in Esquel in the town where my parents live, studying and researching small ancient marsupials from ancient Patagonian forests. I still can do it if I want but it just seems unfair I did not get the postdoc from CONICET, the financial and academic support from CONICET.
Anyway as I have been moping around and feeling sorry for myself I make enemies. Jas called me lazy when I asked him to help me. He says I am lazy for not doing things for myself for asking him for help all the time. After he called me this my mil said "I could not agree more". This broke my heart, this turned me into jelly and made me angry. I am not lazy, I am just different and do things differently. I immediately felt sorry for myself, went inside packed all our clothes, got dressed in shorts and runners and cried. Then had a drink of water and told everyone I was going for a run. It was bloody hot, about 3pm this happened, Joaquin was in his swimmers in the small pool they were setting up when I had ask Jas's help. I asked him to help me put on Joaquin's swimmers as I was holding Zalia and finding things a bit tough.
Anyway while I was gone, Joaquin played and splashed around with his cousins in the pool and so did Zalia. I was gone in the hot sun walking around Scone for 2 hours. i rang some friends, felt sorry for myself, cried, drank water out of a bubbler, felt better after talking to my friends, listened to Manu Chao and Regina Spektor and realised the world is way to wonderful to give up on. Thanked Pacha Mamma for all I had for all this beauty around me.
Walked home 2 hours later, very hot and bothered, waited in the dark room for Zalia to wake from her sleep, did not talk to anyone. When she was up, breastfed her, then went outside to play with Zalia and Joaquin in the late afternoon heat, was bitten by mozzies, then went inside bathed them and waited. Jas came in and talked to me. He said while i was out he was trying to contact me but my phone was turned off, he was even trying to locate me with iphone locator. Anyway I learnt from this incident. I hate to be called Lazy, I am not lazy. Sure i don't drive but I am not lazy. Jas wants me to take more initiative and not ask him for his help all the time. I am sure this is not as bad as it all seems.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

lovely Australian clothes for Children

I have been buying some "preloved" baby clothes for Zalia from a small shop in Randwick. Well some of the clothes I buy are labelled mamapapa.
I am totally in love with these clothes from Mamapapa and saw that they were made in Australia. I was told the owner of the label is a french woman who has her shop in Paddington and she makes clothes for her children.
Well by accident I found her site on The Design Files and her beautiful home.
Her name is Virgine, she is a designer, her label is mamapapa and her shop is Manon et Gwenaelle.
Her lovely home with its neutral tones and pale colour (reflecting the clothes in her label) is blogged at The Design Files.

Photos by – Lucy Feagins

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas day in Scone

Christmas day in Scone started with Joaquin waking up and finding a red christmas bag by his bed with some presents. Zalia also opened her, well she just loved to play with the paper. I made some christmas salads for christmas lunch (roasted pumpkin, couscous, rocket and halomi salad, potato "ensalada rusa", fresh beetroot salad, and green salad). Then the cousins came over and more presents were opened, It was bedlam.


Monday, December 13, 2010

summer day in december

The days in december are not typical summer days, it has rained quite a bit here in Sydney and in Australia in general. This I heard is due to La Niña.
On this lovely summer day however, I took Joaquin and Zalia to the park to play with a friend. Zalia loves to sit on the grass and play with the phone. Zalia just got her first baby tooth, she is much happier since her tooth popped through.


Then after the park we went home and they played together with vintage dollhouse.


Nordic blogs

So many Scandinavian, Sweedish, Nordic blogs about design and family and art that are around. I just can not keep up. Does anyone know where I can find a list of these blogs out there. This is my small list so far.

1)Dos Familia, Isabelle and Jenny, both from Sweeden, both blogging mummies with gorgeous kids and lovely homes.

2) Isabelle's blog

3) Siw Haveland of Design Shimmer from Norway

4)Linda Maria Szucs and Norsk Stil from Norway

5) My Scandinavian Retreat by Vilde from Norway

6) Norske interior blogger

7) Mamamekko

8) Weekday Carnival

9) From Scandinavia with Love by Tiger from Sweden

Photos from here

Saturday, December 11, 2010

at home december 2010

Zalia is 7 months, she is sitting up well. She does not like standing though. Joaquin and Zalia get on so well. They have fun together and Zalia adores her big brother.

wooden toys

Joaquin got this simple wooden toy animal set from a friend of a friend for christmas. He loves to put the animals on top of the blocks that have their name on it. The problem is there is a hippo but the block is for a rhinoceros.

Quick Holiday Break

We went up the coast for our first holiday as a family, We stayed in a caravan park on a small costal town. We thankfully had lovely weather even though parts of NSW were flooding. We stayed at Harrington Big4 caravan park.
Day 1 (Monday 6th dec): We arrived in the late afternoon, did a bit of shopping for supplies and Jas went and bout some wine. Jas made lovely rissotto for dinner and red wine as we were very tired.
Day 2 (Tuesday 7th Dec)we went fishing on the Manning river, lazed around and for lunch we bought fresh school prawns from Crowdy Head Co-op and made prawn sandwiches for lunch. We had a lovely sleep after lunch and then we went swimming at the pool. At dusk we went out for dinner at the local pub Harrington Hotel and watched the the ocean as the sun set, Joaquin got free icecream with his children's meal.
Day 3 (Wednesday 8th dec): We went for a drive along the coast, stopped at the beach Pilot Beach and it was quite windy. We then decided to drive to to Port Macquarie. We stopped at Dimond Waters and had fish and chips at the local Co-Op, it rained. In Port Macquarie we stopped at a cafe by the water and had lovely coffee and carrot cake in the car while the children slept in the back of the car.
Day 4 (Thursday 9th Dec) : I walked into town with Zalia in the pram, and bought some clothes and second hand toys and books from a goodwill store. I met a lady and priest who were from a town near Scone and knew Jas's family, Small world.
Jas and Joaquin spent all morning swimming and then drove to get more school prawns from Crowdy Head Co-Op. He also bought lovely fresh bread from the local bakery and peels half a dozen prawns. Joaquin really enjoyed the fresh prawns and we had more fresh prawn rolls. In the afternoon we drove to port Macquarie. In the car we ate pistachio nuts from the Aldi store. While Joaquin and Zalia slept I went the local antique stores and bought some lovely antique glass jars and a gift for a friend. We visited the Billabong Koala Park and patted a gorgeous young male Koala, we saw spider monkeys, quolls, wombats, and Australian birds, we fed baby kangaroos, had a fowl chase me wanting my Kangaroo food, got bitten by mozzies and sandflies. We returned to Port Macquarie at 6pm we had a lovely dinner at a restaurant on the water in Port Macquarie.
Day 5 (Friday 10th dec): We packed and drove to Newcastle to visit my friend in Georgetown for an early christmas get together. We drove into Taree on our way to Newcastle and I wanted to do the Taree Antiques Trail but was told it did not exist by the local Tourist Center, Instead she gave me a list of a few shops and we ended up visiting the local antique store Isadora's Antique shop and saw some lovely antiques and taxidermy of Australian marsupials by an english taxidermist and paintings of birds by John Gould. In Newcastle we had a lovely lunch and played wii fit all afternoon. Joaquin and Zalia were very well behaved. We drove home and got into Sydney after 8.30pm and picked up Thai from the local thai restaurant.


By the pool Harrington Caravan Park

At the Billabong Koala Park

Having dinner in Port Macquarie
Joaquin eating more icecream in Port Macquarie.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paumes Inspiration books

I finally ended up buying some of the beautiful inspirational Japanese published Paumes books. They are a must-have for interior design lovers, with their gorgeous images and colourful design. And they just arrived!

I bought Family Finland Style, Paris Family Style, Belgium Family Style and Children's room Stockholm.