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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Holiday Break

We went up the coast for our first holiday as a family, We stayed in a caravan park on a small costal town. We thankfully had lovely weather even though parts of NSW were flooding. We stayed at Harrington Big4 caravan park.
Day 1 (Monday 6th dec): We arrived in the late afternoon, did a bit of shopping for supplies and Jas went and bout some wine. Jas made lovely rissotto for dinner and red wine as we were very tired.
Day 2 (Tuesday 7th Dec)we went fishing on the Manning river, lazed around and for lunch we bought fresh school prawns from Crowdy Head Co-op and made prawn sandwiches for lunch. We had a lovely sleep after lunch and then we went swimming at the pool. At dusk we went out for dinner at the local pub Harrington Hotel and watched the the ocean as the sun set, Joaquin got free icecream with his children's meal.
Day 3 (Wednesday 8th dec): We went for a drive along the coast, stopped at the beach Pilot Beach and it was quite windy. We then decided to drive to to Port Macquarie. We stopped at Dimond Waters and had fish and chips at the local Co-Op, it rained. In Port Macquarie we stopped at a cafe by the water and had lovely coffee and carrot cake in the car while the children slept in the back of the car.
Day 4 (Thursday 9th Dec) : I walked into town with Zalia in the pram, and bought some clothes and second hand toys and books from a goodwill store. I met a lady and priest who were from a town near Scone and knew Jas's family, Small world.
Jas and Joaquin spent all morning swimming and then drove to get more school prawns from Crowdy Head Co-Op. He also bought lovely fresh bread from the local bakery and peels half a dozen prawns. Joaquin really enjoyed the fresh prawns and we had more fresh prawn rolls. In the afternoon we drove to port Macquarie. In the car we ate pistachio nuts from the Aldi store. While Joaquin and Zalia slept I went the local antique stores and bought some lovely antique glass jars and a gift for a friend. We visited the Billabong Koala Park and patted a gorgeous young male Koala, we saw spider monkeys, quolls, wombats, and Australian birds, we fed baby kangaroos, had a fowl chase me wanting my Kangaroo food, got bitten by mozzies and sandflies. We returned to Port Macquarie at 6pm we had a lovely dinner at a restaurant on the water in Port Macquarie.
Day 5 (Friday 10th dec): We packed and drove to Newcastle to visit my friend in Georgetown for an early christmas get together. We drove into Taree on our way to Newcastle and I wanted to do the Taree Antiques Trail but was told it did not exist by the local Tourist Center, Instead she gave me a list of a few shops and we ended up visiting the local antique store Isadora's Antique shop and saw some lovely antiques and taxidermy of Australian marsupials by an english taxidermist and paintings of birds by John Gould. In Newcastle we had a lovely lunch and played wii fit all afternoon. Joaquin and Zalia were very well behaved. We drove home and got into Sydney after 8.30pm and picked up Thai from the local thai restaurant.


By the pool Harrington Caravan Park

At the Billabong Koala Park

Having dinner in Port Macquarie
Joaquin eating more icecream in Port Macquarie.

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