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Thursday, December 30, 2010

goodbye 2010, hello 2011

Can't sleep, its 10 to 5 in the morning, last day of the year. Still in Scone leaving for Sydney today. Have so much to do, trying to make it to Sydney before the new year comes in, to have take away thai for dinner and watch fireworks over Coogee Beach.

This year has been a challenge for me, it has been hard and heavy but also filled with light and beautiful moments. I achieved a lot in many ways, but still have a long way to go, to achieve much more.
Yamila and Joaquin Harrington Hotel Dinner
Harrington Hotel dinner

Things I did and achieved this year
1) was pregnant for second time in my life and loved it
2) had a gorgeous baby girl who was due on the 9th of April but came on the 21st, 2 weeks later
3) enjoyed a very quick, drugfree, natural and relative painless birth
4) subsequently after this wonderful experience nearly died at childbirth due to stubborn placenta
5) due to 4) had to have a blood transfusion (5 units of blood) and am so grateful to the wonderful people in this world that donate their blood everyday
6) Had my parents stay with us for 6 months in our small 2 bedroom flat in Coogee
7) enjoyed my parents immensely
8) saw my 3 year old son grow up before my eyes, yet he still remains so innocent
9) applied for two postdocs
10) was rejected for two postdocs
11) finished a paper and published a paper on extinct fossil bandicoots
12) trying to finish another paper
13) got mastitis 4 times
14) had a scare with a growth in my thyroid
15) had an operation to remove half my thyroid
16) kept breastfeeding after this feat
17) recovered from number 13
18) learning to be a mother to two beautiful children
19) learning to be passionate about things
20) learning to push myself to achieve my goals

Things I want to achieve in 2011
1) Learn to drive and get drivers license
2) finish paper from 2010
3) fix and reupholster chairs in living room
4) get rid of unwanted clothes
5) loose baby weight (weight around tummy that does not seem to budge)
6) run regularly and do not eat for 2
7) spend time playing with my children and read to them more often
8) be patient with my children
9) make more things
10) make more things with my children (food and toys)
11) Learn to take better photographs
12) learn not to worry about state of house, laundry etc.
13) keep track of Zalia's first year and Joaquin's 3rd year
14) Spend January with Joaquin and Zalia
15) learn to be more efficient
16) learn not to be scared to take initiatives
17) apply for many things
18) do a deep soul searching to try to find what you want from life from yourself
19) stay healthy and fit for my children
20) be happy and grateful for all I have, all I know, and for my wonderful loving family



☆ Melissa ☆ said...

...::: HAPPY 2011 :::...

Have a wonderful time welcoming the new year with your family!


Kristi said...

your babies are gorgeous. i love your words about the past year, "it has been hard and heavy but also filled with light and beautiful moments." very true for me too. happy new year.

ps. i picked up the red barn while i was in the states. i could not find one to save my life in australia.