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Friday, April 20, 2012

Prepping for a a two year old birthday

On Friday I had to get ready for Z's second birthday. I dropped J at preschool. On the way I realised i had left my wallet at home so I had to walk back home and get it.
Then at around 10am I went and did the shopping.
First stop was St Vinnies and bought some platters and some cool vibrant coloured plastic 70s dishes, and a glass container and glass jug for water. I spent $23 in total the lady serving me was nice and she gave a discount. Zalia thankfully slept the whole time in the pram.
Then with Zalia still asleep I  went to Bi-Lo and spent $40 on plastic plates, cups, some little toys for the party bag, and balloons to make animal balloons a margin for $2.99 with balloon pumper and bonus instructions on the back that are pretty shitty (but there are many instructions on you tube on how to make animal swans, swords etc with balloons).
After this Zalia was awake and cranky I quickly went to Woolies and bought the rest of the things I needed for the party and spent $100 in food, including puff pastry, frozen pastizzi, lollies, chips, cakes  in a packet to make cupcakes and cake, cheese for the cheese platter.
I also stopped by the deli and bought ham and olives for the empanadas and spent $11 and finally the fruit and veggie shop and spent $33 on strawberries (which weren't that nice), grapes, bananas, blue berries, mandarines, carrots.
Then I got home and started to make some cakes and cupcakes. Zalia helped me and there was a bit of mess and tears but It worked out in the end. I made mini cupcakes, and a cake with a Donna Hay chocolate cake mix with real chocolate. It was a bit expensive at $7.50 but yummy. In the end we put some caramel topping and hundreds and thousands on the cake and ta-da.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zalia is nearly two

Zalia will be two in a few days time.
Where oh where has the last year gone, has the two years gone.
I will be doing a little party for her and have invited a few friends last minute. I am always last minute. I am not as organised as I would like to be.
Anyway Zalia is turning two and sure enough there are tantrums and a wild independent streak that is shinning through, shinning so strongly that It really drives me bonkers. She drives me to the edge, her ability to want so much, to know what she wants. Well she does not want too much she just wants a drink when I am just about to sit down or go to the toilet, she wants to sit on me when I sit down, as a matter of fact I never get to sit down as she wants to sit on me and have a breastfeed. I wanted to wean her by two but that is not happening. I mean she is breastfeeding less, and I am trying to do it only two times a day, morning and night. She has even learnt to say the word breastfeed, as I tell her when she wants it at random times of the day, no breastfeeding now, you have had your milk.
Anyway I love her to bits, she is going to be two and she has a strong spirit. She is very strong, the way she asks for things, the way she throws balls, and hits, the way she knows what she wants. She is also very sweet, and when she has realised she has hurt someone she smothers them with kisses. She loves to kiss and pat other children, and she loves her brothers. She loves, dolls, and shoes, and clothes, and trains and books. She loves playing on the iPad and watching the wiggles. She loves to dance to the wiggles and move her doll around the house in the pram. She is very bright, does not speak too much, might be because I speak to her in Spanish and Jas in english. But she understands so much. She does say the following words:
Lets go
She has really had an exponential leap with words and talking in the last month.
I love you my baby girl,
te amo
te quiero
te adoro

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dinner at Home asian chicken

I made chicken and asian sauce last night with noodles.

I was inspired by BabyMac's asian mince chicken.
My version was nice. Next time I will use a bit more soy sauce,  and some sweet chile sauce.
The children's version was milder, chicken, soy sauce, peas, corn and honey with very thin pasta.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter show with 2 kids under 4 and 3/4

Yes Joaquin will be 5 in June.
Yes Zalia will be 2 later in April (very soon).
So we decided to go to the Easter show. The Easter show is at Homebush the old show ground for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
I used to go to the easter show when it was in Moore Park when i was a youngster. I loved the show bags, the shows at night, the lights, seeing so many people, seeing boys.

This time we caught the bus and train to Homebush. We bought our tickets online and saved lining up for ages and Jas got money out from the ATM saving time as well.
We had lunch, fish and chips for them, chips, a chicken nando roll on flat bread for me, Jas had a dagwood dog.
We went on some rides in the Kids Playground, a train, a boat, an airplane.

Zalia got an elmo doll
We saw cows, big bulls, small calves, chickens, goats, lambs.
We went into the children's animal farm and the kids played with the animals.
We went into the fresh food pavilion and saw paintings and art work in the art exhibition and colourful delightful cakes frosted and looking so amazing in the cake exhibition and contest.
Jas had a take away coffee there.
Zalia slept in the pram.
We went in the show bag pavilion, a Thomas the tank bag for Joaquin $22, a Dora bag for Zalia $25, two wiggles bags $15, a Mrs Men bag for Zalia $10, a Madison bag for me $20.
We saw horses jump and large draught horses go by with the carts filled with draught and other drums of goodies. We went into the main arena and saw the draught horses demonstrating their abilities.
Joaquin went on a log boat ride by himself with two other little boys he met and he got a bit wet and pale with fright. But he was BRAVE.
We went on the lovely carousel and Jas took photos. They both did not want to sit on the horses.

We had toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner $2 with coon cheese, hot and tasty. We had chocolate milk and Jas had a pie and sausage roll.
We saw motor bike riders and bike riders demonstrating their skills in giant tubes.

We caught the train home and were exhausted.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday day and afternoon

We spent the morning at the hospital. Joaquin had to have x-rays to see how his elbow is healing. The x-ray man was a little bit of a klutz. He asked me if i was pregnant, which I guess is procedure. He then tried to x-ray Joaquin's arm moving him from here and there and I helped out and made sure he added the lead cover on Joaquin.
Then we went to the clinic (i did not know what the clinic was). It is the outpatients at the children's hospital. There an orthopaedic doctor was going to see us, but it is first in first served. Some kids were getting plaster on, some off, the plaster comes now in bright colours, blue, purple, red and it is fibreglass so waterproof and kids can now shower and bath and swim with their plaster.
We ended up being seen after a few hours waiting, a friend took Zalia for a walk and to the park. Joaquin played with other kids waiting and he had fun. In the end, his arm is healing well, he has had a bad break but he is healing and the dr put a tape around his arm which hold the sling in place and it seems better for Joaquin.
After this we walked to the randwick shops. Zalia ran away down high street and freaked me out. She runs so fast and moves so quickly, I had to put a break on the pram as Joaquin got in it and it faced uphill and then chase her. Luckily no ambulances were coming in or out of the hospital at the time. We also stopped by the library, bought some chocolate, met some friends and walked home. Zalia slept on the way home and I managed to put her in the bed and she slept some more. Joaquin and I had lunch at home and hung out.

The rest of the afternoon looked like this:

Zalia pretending she has a sore/broken arm too

playing around outside, i put a plastic bag on Joaquin's arm so he could play with water

The moon and the washing

We walked to the bottle shop after night fell when Jas got home and picked up some grog. There was a very drunk man who was on a bike and had a trailer on his bike. There was a cask of wine in his trailer. Jas crossed the road with Zalia in the pram, and then the man, his bike and trailer crossed the road and Joaquin and I waited. While this happened, Joaquin got upset as he had to wait and cried. the man who was crossing the road and was load and obviously drunk stopped in the middle of the road, with his bike and screamed "WHATTT". It was funny, it made Joaquin stop crying. The man then walked with us to the bottle shop, talking loudly to himself, singing, making people look at him who were in restaurants having their dinner. At the bottle shop we bought wine and beer, the man walked in with bike and all and asked for some free beer. He was sent on his merry way.
Ww bought two bottles of wine, one an argentinian malbec, the other a clearskin rose. I bought a Little creatures pale ale. It was nice $4.20 for a small bottle.
I had made a chicken curry earlier on with frozen free ranged chicken legs. It was yummy but I think I need to cook the legs longer.
I used this recipe but added chicken korma paste too, from the Wednesday Chef and the recipe is originally from Nigel Slater.
Everyone is now in bed, I have cleaned up and Jas is so tired and cranky. Joaquin went to sleep so early and so did Zalia. I put them in bed just after 8, read them Harry the Dirty dog, sang to them Aroro mi ninio and seta nena/nene linda/o se llama Joaquin/Zalia and they were all asleep.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting back to normal

Today, finally, after a whole week, Wednesday has arrived. I don't know why I say FINALLY as i have no real urgency for Wednesday to be here.
Only because it is a beautiful morning, Joaquin feels better and we will go to the park and meet with Z's mummy's group. This wednesday Joaquin can join in the festivities as I am not sending him to preschool due to his broken arm.
After breakfast, the kids play together while I clean up, empty the dishwasher and have my own breakfast.

My life is good at the moment, apart from my son having a broken arm and it being harder for him.  I am on holidays for two weeks from teaching at uni and thankfully I can stay at home with my children while Joaquin's arm mends.
I feel so lucky to have healthy good children and everything i could need or want.

Have you read Eden's blog and what she is up to in Niger on a mission for World Vision? There is a food crisis in Niger.

Tuesday at home with a broken arm

We stayed at home most of the day today. No preschool for Joaquin and no work for me.
I washed clothes as it was so sunny outside.
I had a sleep with Zalia in the bed and Joaquin played a train game quietly on the iPad. He is getting better day by day, no fever and no panadol. Just at night he has bad dreams and thinks Zalia is annoying him and calls out her name telling her to stop.
Playing at home quietly with the toys

 At 2.30 we headed to Randwick and Joaquin got his hair cut.
The hairdresser was very nice and friendly. Joaquin got his hair washed and cut all for $15. Very cheap and so worth it I say. We had a banana smoothie, I bought some food to make Lasagne and then walked home. We stopped by a friend's house and Joaquin had a play. When we got home Jas had already arrived and I made lasagne, I used mince meat, and tomato passata mixed with carrot, onion and garlic. I also fried some egg plant and Jas made a white b├ęchamel sauce. I had it cooked and we were eating by 8.00pm. Then it was bath and bed before 9pm. There is never enough time in the day for everything.
After hair cut playing on the Wiggles, BIG RED CAR.