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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunday at home after the operation

This is Joaquin, sunday morning. He slept ok. His hand is a bit swollen, he has a bit of temperature and is having panadol every 6 hours.
I think he is in good spirits and SUnday morning we decided we should go out, even though we have a little four year old who has just had an operation and has a broken arm. So we decided to head to Centennial Park for an easter egg hunt with his preschool.

The easter egg hunt went well, he had fun. At first he did not want to go and show his friends his arm.
As soon as he got there he told his friends what he had done and showed them his arm.
This is me with Zalia, she was very grumpy all day. 

Joaquin wore his t-shirt and his arm inside under the shirt with sling.

The day was gorgeous.
A lot of chocolate eggs were collected.
Joaquin's mood got better and better, being in the sun, finding chocolate eggs and hanging out with his friends.
Later we went home for lunch, I made a meat sauce (estofado) with some steak and tomato sauce and had fresh store bought ravioli, fresh bread and a green leafy salad.
When we finished lunch, we quickly cleaned up and all hopped into bed. Joaquin and Z played and Jas and I slept.
In the afternoon, Joaquin's friends came to visit, bringing chocolate hot cross buns, and a present for Joaquin a book called "Frog and Toad". Joaquin was so happy to see his friends, It made his day.

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