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Friday, April 20, 2012

Prepping for a a two year old birthday

On Friday I had to get ready for Z's second birthday. I dropped J at preschool. On the way I realised i had left my wallet at home so I had to walk back home and get it.
Then at around 10am I went and did the shopping.
First stop was St Vinnies and bought some platters and some cool vibrant coloured plastic 70s dishes, and a glass container and glass jug for water. I spent $23 in total the lady serving me was nice and she gave a discount. Zalia thankfully slept the whole time in the pram.
Then with Zalia still asleep I  went to Bi-Lo and spent $40 on plastic plates, cups, some little toys for the party bag, and balloons to make animal balloons a margin for $2.99 with balloon pumper and bonus instructions on the back that are pretty shitty (but there are many instructions on you tube on how to make animal swans, swords etc with balloons).
After this Zalia was awake and cranky I quickly went to Woolies and bought the rest of the things I needed for the party and spent $100 in food, including puff pastry, frozen pastizzi, lollies, chips, cakes  in a packet to make cupcakes and cake, cheese for the cheese platter.
I also stopped by the deli and bought ham and olives for the empanadas and spent $11 and finally the fruit and veggie shop and spent $33 on strawberries (which weren't that nice), grapes, bananas, blue berries, mandarines, carrots.
Then I got home and started to make some cakes and cupcakes. Zalia helped me and there was a bit of mess and tears but It worked out in the end. I made mini cupcakes, and a cake with a Donna Hay chocolate cake mix with real chocolate. It was a bit expensive at $7.50 but yummy. In the end we put some caramel topping and hundreds and thousands on the cake and ta-da.

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