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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cherry picking in Patagonia

The cherries are getting ripe.
We decided to pick them before the birds get them.
We will be picking them every day.
We all got involved.

My dad picked the cherries from high up on the ladder.

I even managed to pick some, but I was wearing thongs, so that was a No NO.

Zalia and my mum, her Lela (Abuela in Zalia's language).

cherries in a box

My mum got straight to work to make jam

and fresh wholemeal bread rolls

Friday, November 23, 2012

all the toys in the world

We still have not received our items from Australia. We shipped 15 boxes of things and stuff here. That includes toys, children's books, some clothes and bits and pieces. The boxes have arrived in Buenos Aires but we are still trying for our shipping company to get our thinks sent to our home address as we originally agreed. They finally agreed this week to pay for the extras that the Argentinian shipping company is asking (US$400) in fees and will send it to our home here in Esquel. So just waiting.
For now these are most of the toys we have as well as some lego, playmobil and plastic dinosaurs from Schleich

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday morning pancakes in Patagonia

These are some pictures I took the other day.
Joaquin loves to play with Lego and his lego train.

We got up on Saturday and we all felt like pancakes.

Zalia has been trying to wash her hair at night in the bath. She wets her own hair and adds her own shampoo. There are always fresh curls in the morning.

Waiting for breakfast

Nutella and honey for them, real maple syrup for us

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fire pit

It was a perfect night to light the fire and cook some lamb and salad. My parents friends are visiting from Buenos Aires. We sat around the fire pit, talked about Argentinian men and their customs BAD BAD WAYS, drank mate and it was bliss, BLISS I TELL YOU. Joaquin and Zalia played. Joaquin even played with his friend outside. We had dinner. At 10pm and were all Asleep LATE I tell you.

This morning we woke a bit grumps after not sleeping as much as we needed to. Joaquin was dropped of at preschool ( we needed to go back as he left his backpack at home),the friends who were staying have left to travel to Bariloche then to their families in Buenos Aires. the electrician is here, one of my dad's film making students.

Joaquin climbing the gate to go back home.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spring is here

Flowers are blooming everywhere. It has been hot for Esquel, high 20s.

Little white daisies in a pot

Purple flowers in bloom, the ground is a bit dry and scorched

Cherry tree with green cherries

Red rose in bloom

Don diego de Noche, only opens its flowers at night

Lupinos are coming through

Another red rose now in a vase in my kitchen

Monday, November 12, 2012

New kitchen, new home

Even though we have been sick we moved into our new home on Sunday. Technically this new home is My parent's old home. The kitchen, sunroom, bathrooms, laundry, bedrooms are all new. 

Some floor tiles are old (original). We will have more space. Still waiting on electricity, our boxes to come, my work to pay me so i can start to work and we can relax in terms of money!

flu flu go away

There has been a bit of absence with this blog, with my life.
I feel like everything is in slow motion and we are deep in a big bowl of green mushy peas.
I can not move forward as far as I want, I am very lethargic. Well Jas and I are. We have all been really sick, sick bad, a nasty flu that has gotten us real down.
This flu consisted of high fevers, night sweats, night chills, stuffed heads, loss of appetite, loss of taste, loss of energy, no desire to do anything but sleep and mope and drink lemonade and make sure we have taken our ibuprofen. 600mg of the stuff. Lethal.

There have been various trips to the hospital, since we do not have a doctor here or are on any health benefits. I seem to always see a Big Russian doctor who speaks spanish with a russian accent. I always tell him I have russian blood as my great grandparents were russian and that I know how to write and read in Cyrillic. He just looks at me strangely.
He prescribed me acemuc for my phlegm and to rest and ibuprofen and paracetamol intermediately every 3 hours. He said my throat was fine, my ears too, but I have a wax plug in my ear. That is the reason I can not hear much from my right ear and I feel like crap. As if my right side of my head is blocked with something. It really is terrible, that and the fevers, it was a nightmare.
Jas saw a female doctor from Cordoba without a cordobese accent and unfortunately due to his high fever was given an injection in his bum. I was still well at that time but promised him when I went down with the sickness to never allow them to inject my bum with any fever relief, I would rather suffer the wrath of a high fever and cold sweats than a sore bum. (But let me tell you these fevers were such a horrid thing, very high, 39.8 degrees C, I wonder if a sore bum would have made me feel better in the end). Joaquin reaches 40.0 degrees C. But he is ok.
 All this nasty nasty flu has  lasted for a week. Joaquin was the first one to be down, he is fine now and eating like a Horse. Then came Jason, last week, he mowed the lawn on Sunday with vigour then collapsed in a heap. He is better but still not 100%. I am getting better my ear is blocked I should get the wax cleaned and my nose is horrible and green stuff just keeps coming. Zalia is still sick but she still eats well and has not had much fever.

The good news is we moved to the other house. We do not have the electricity put in yet, but are coping well. I made a chicken curry for the first time today in ages and we ate in our new home.
Yesterday we got out, went to a design fair but there were no designers, everyone had left to go to the lake as it was such a gorgeous day.
We then stopped for ice-cream. That was nice.

Today is beautiful too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things that i am lusting over

So what have we been up too?
Well we are all sick again, Again? you say? Yes, Again.
It started with Joaquin and his high temperatures, runny nose, a very strong runny nose. Then Jason, with runny nose, lethargic, feeling down, fever and then Zalia-- runny nose, a bit of a cough but still her active self.
Last night it got me, I felt that my body was sore, my head, and this morning a bit of a runny nose and a sore throat.
It is a virus mind you.  Jas has been feeling very sick, he was telling me he was very ill all night and felt terrible with the fever. Yesterday we ended up taking Jas and Joaquin to the hospital and the doctor gave Jas a injection in his bum to reduce his fever. He has never had one like this before ( a needle). We really do not know why they went to this extreme. I think paracetamol or ibuprofen would have done the trick just the same.
Anyway the day is gorgeous today so hopefully we will all begin to feel better. Today Joaquin went back to preschool.
 Here are some photos from around here and that i have put on #fmsphotoaday on instagram. Follow me I am @yamilag

I have just marinated some meat, cut some spinach from my mum's garden.

I am still obsessed in metal jars.
I really like these:

I have bought these ones from Etsy from a french shop. I need to polish them and the beass will come up looking much better. The smaller pepper one has a bit of a hole in it.

This one is a geniun italian sugar container, I think it is the one that most resembles the jar that I lusted over while watching Nigella Lawson cook one day. She had sugar in it.

We have also gone to the new house to organise where the new lights and switches will be. They will be external. We have spent around $800 pesos on switches which is approximately $200 and the electrician will install everything and it will cost approx $2500 pesos which is approximately $500 australian dollars.

Does anyone else obsessed with strange things like metal canisters?