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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fire pit

It was a perfect night to light the fire and cook some lamb and salad. My parents friends are visiting from Buenos Aires. We sat around the fire pit, talked about Argentinian men and their customs BAD BAD WAYS, drank mate and it was bliss, BLISS I TELL YOU. Joaquin and Zalia played. Joaquin even played with his friend outside. We had dinner. At 10pm and were all Asleep LATE I tell you.

This morning we woke a bit grumps after not sleeping as much as we needed to. Joaquin was dropped of at preschool ( we needed to go back as he left his backpack at home),the friends who were staying have left to travel to Bariloche then to their families in Buenos Aires. the electrician is here, one of my dad's film making students.

Joaquin climbing the gate to go back home.

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