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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Things that i am lusting over

So what have we been up too?
Well we are all sick again, Again? you say? Yes, Again.
It started with Joaquin and his high temperatures, runny nose, a very strong runny nose. Then Jason, with runny nose, lethargic, feeling down, fever and then Zalia-- runny nose, a bit of a cough but still her active self.
Last night it got me, I felt that my body was sore, my head, and this morning a bit of a runny nose and a sore throat.
It is a virus mind you.  Jas has been feeling very sick, he was telling me he was very ill all night and felt terrible with the fever. Yesterday we ended up taking Jas and Joaquin to the hospital and the doctor gave Jas a injection in his bum to reduce his fever. He has never had one like this before ( a needle). We really do not know why they went to this extreme. I think paracetamol or ibuprofen would have done the trick just the same.
Anyway the day is gorgeous today so hopefully we will all begin to feel better. Today Joaquin went back to preschool.
 Here are some photos from around here and that i have put on #fmsphotoaday on instagram. Follow me I am @yamilag

I have just marinated some meat, cut some spinach from my mum's garden.

I am still obsessed in metal jars.
I really like these:

I have bought these ones from Etsy from a french shop. I need to polish them and the beass will come up looking much better. The smaller pepper one has a bit of a hole in it.

This one is a geniun italian sugar container, I think it is the one that most resembles the jar that I lusted over while watching Nigella Lawson cook one day. She had sugar in it.

We have also gone to the new house to organise where the new lights and switches will be. They will be external. We have spent around $800 pesos on switches which is approximately $200 and the electrician will install everything and it will cost approx $2500 pesos which is approximately $500 australian dollars.

Does anyone else obsessed with strange things like metal canisters?

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