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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh Esquel what will i do with you???

Its Wednesday today and the week has gone quite fast. This time last week we were on the bus to Bariloche to get Jas's a residency visa. He got it in the end and is able to stay here till April next year while it is being processed. If not he only had a three month visa and would have to leave the country after this. Now we don't have to go to Chile to leave the country.
Chile is only an hour away though but tedious to go there.

Joaquin is at preschool, he is getting better at getting up early in the morning. Sometimes there is wingeing, and a fight at breakfast as he is eating his cornflakes so slowly and so messily. Then he wants to get into the car before Zalia. He is a good boy but sensitive and probably is not sleeping as many hours as he can. It is also very tiring getting up early, going to preschool every day and having to learn a new language-Spanish. I am proud of him though.
On Friday there is a school concert and as the school is bilingual the concert is in english and spanish. His class has to sing a song about the sea and he will be dressed in a blue suit and a star fish on his head- he will be a little blue star fish.
There were rehearsals at the sports stadium on Monday from 2 to 4 and today from 2 to 4. He has also joined the Club Andino and is learning to climb on walls. He is a little bit scared and runs around a lot (so do the other kids) but we are trying to teach him not to be so "dispersed" and to listen more to the teacher. He is getting more confident and on the weekend he climbed the tree.

On other news we still have not moved into the big house. We did have the electrician come yesteday so hopefully he is going to tell us how much it will cost him and how many items we need to buy - light switches, cords, cables etc..
We also need the taps on the sink put in and then buy some furniture like a lounge, a table etc.

SO far the only things I have bought are kitchen knick knacks.
I bought these from the ebay equivalent Mercado Libre.
The problem is we are so far away so everything has to be sent here.

I also have wanted these aluminium jars for a while. I saw one on Nigella Lawson, she used it for sugar in her gorgeous pantry. But I still can not find something similar. I am thinking of getting these two mammas below. They are aluminium and made in Argentina and are about 50 years old. They are $100 pesos and $70 pesos for delivery so about $35 dollars in total. I bit expensive considering we have no income yet here.

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