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Monday, November 12, 2012

flu flu go away

There has been a bit of absence with this blog, with my life.
I feel like everything is in slow motion and we are deep in a big bowl of green mushy peas.
I can not move forward as far as I want, I am very lethargic. Well Jas and I are. We have all been really sick, sick bad, a nasty flu that has gotten us real down.
This flu consisted of high fevers, night sweats, night chills, stuffed heads, loss of appetite, loss of taste, loss of energy, no desire to do anything but sleep and mope and drink lemonade and make sure we have taken our ibuprofen. 600mg of the stuff. Lethal.

There have been various trips to the hospital, since we do not have a doctor here or are on any health benefits. I seem to always see a Big Russian doctor who speaks spanish with a russian accent. I always tell him I have russian blood as my great grandparents were russian and that I know how to write and read in Cyrillic. He just looks at me strangely.
He prescribed me acemuc for my phlegm and to rest and ibuprofen and paracetamol intermediately every 3 hours. He said my throat was fine, my ears too, but I have a wax plug in my ear. That is the reason I can not hear much from my right ear and I feel like crap. As if my right side of my head is blocked with something. It really is terrible, that and the fevers, it was a nightmare.
Jas saw a female doctor from Cordoba without a cordobese accent and unfortunately due to his high fever was given an injection in his bum. I was still well at that time but promised him when I went down with the sickness to never allow them to inject my bum with any fever relief, I would rather suffer the wrath of a high fever and cold sweats than a sore bum. (But let me tell you these fevers were such a horrid thing, very high, 39.8 degrees C, I wonder if a sore bum would have made me feel better in the end). Joaquin reaches 40.0 degrees C. But he is ok.
 All this nasty nasty flu has  lasted for a week. Joaquin was the first one to be down, he is fine now and eating like a Horse. Then came Jason, last week, he mowed the lawn on Sunday with vigour then collapsed in a heap. He is better but still not 100%. I am getting better my ear is blocked I should get the wax cleaned and my nose is horrible and green stuff just keeps coming. Zalia is still sick but she still eats well and has not had much fever.

The good news is we moved to the other house. We do not have the electricity put in yet, but are coping well. I made a chicken curry for the first time today in ages and we ate in our new home.
Yesterday we got out, went to a design fair but there were no designers, everyone had left to go to the lake as it was such a gorgeous day.
We then stopped for ice-cream. That was nice.

Today is beautiful too.

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