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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend in the country

Having a lovely weekend in Scone.
Jas and Joaquin on the motorbike.
Zalia in the paddock.
Spending time with the cousins.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

At the aquarium

We went to the Sydney aquarium. Joaquin loved it, but was terrified of the shark statue.
But loved seeing the dugongs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My parents have left

My parents went back to Argentina. They are now in Buenos Aires, going to the theatre, movies, living it up a little without snotty little ones everywhere. I miss them so.
Joaquin cried in the morning and did not want my parents to leave, his abuelos, he said I Want you here. He cried so much and hugged my mum, it was sad, so sad for me and everyone.
Photos from the airport

Monday, September 13, 2010

Need a spring cleaning

Spring has sprung in Sydney and the last few days have been gorgeous. I still get up with a sore throat every morning and have not been sleeping well. Due to staying up late and watching Season 1 and 2 of Mad Men on the IPad. Jas gets angry with me as teamed up with staying up till 2.00 am watching a fabulous show set in the early 60s in Manhattan, I am still feeding Zalia every three hours, 12, 3am and 6am and then 9am and so and so. Zalia has been quite sick with yucky green mucousy poos and very harsh coughs, but has not had fever for over a week. Joaquin is also feeling better with just a cough and clear snot. He went to daycare yesterday and is very clingy with Jas. I think it is because my parents are leaving tomorrow to Argentina and he can feel this. He is very very perceptive and very sensitive. He was upset this morning at 6.30am when Jas left for work and kissed him goodbye. Joaquin cried out for his daddy saying "He has cold lips", (Jas had just washed his teeth before he came into the bedroom to kiss us goodbye) so I had to kiss him better and he told me "your lips are warm and much nicer mummy".

I am feeling tired and hopefully it is not my thyroid hormone. It is nearly 6 weeks since my thyroid operation and I have to have a blood test this week to see how the TSH thryoxine hormone is, ie; Is my thyroid functioning well and producing thyroxine even though I only have half a thyroid? I am still concious of the scar on my throat and wear a scarf around my neck as not to scare little kids I may come across in playgrounds across the Eastern Suburb. Joaquin asks me now and then when he notices my throat and scar, "What is that Mummy?".
Yesterday I went a bit shopping mad with the money I got from HCF after the operation i bought:
1) peachy scarf from Sportsgirl
2) Grey marle cut out asymmetrical top from Sportsgirl $29.95
3) black loose pants from Target

I had lunch with my parents at a new sushi train in Bondi Junction with each plate at $2.70. In the end we always end up eating too much.

I bought my mother some day cream with SPF 15 for her to use and some hair dye and eyebrow dye.

I went into Bondi Junction Westfields to try to get a hat for Zalia and ended up after going to many children's clothing shops and seeing all baby hats for a staggering $20, a stripy hat for $16.
I went into Target and bought some summer outfits for Zalia and a few shorts and t-shirts for Joaquin. Kids clothing was %20 off, I even ended up buying a cute summary outfit for Zalia that had three pieces, a summer hat, a little dress and some bloomer pants. I spent $150 in total. Which is not too much but I always feel guilty spending so much when others have nothing.

I will miss my parents so much, but it is a new start. It will be good for them to spend a few weeks in Buenos Aires, they need their lives back, and we need our lives back. We need to do a spring clean and get our home back in order and get organised, throw old things out, give things away and stop the cluttered look.

Images from Re-nest

Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday grilled fish and park

Had a lovely day at Coogee Beach. Weather is starting to be warmer.
Had grilled fish and delightful salad at a Fish Called Coogee with my parents. Jas had walked down earlier to the beach Joaquin. They played in the sand and jumped waves on the shore and met up with friends.
After lunch we walked to Coogee beach park and Joaquin played. Met a mum from new mother's group and her bub. She told me she had began to drink wine now as she was able to pump milk into a bottle and her hubby to feed her bub. She seemed happy. Another mother said how sweet Zalia was and how pale she is. I do not see her pale, and how Joaquin did not seem 3, he is tall and he seems 4. He loves to play with the older kids and wants to make friends all the time. He is very observant and sees everything.
Jas took this photo of me at the park.

After the park we stopped at the butcher and bought some steaks and I bought some tomatos. Then we walked home. It was nice.
At home Jas made the steaks on the bbq out on the balcony and I made a tomato salad with chorizo that I copied from a Jamie Oliver show where he is in Andalucia, Spain.

Monday, September 6, 2010

photos from Fathers day

Had a gorgeous day on Sunday at Penrith, had lunch at the Lakeside restaurant in Penrith at the Penrith Regatta Center. The food was good scrumptious overall, but took a long time to come. We were able to go for a little walk along the shore front where rowing races took place during the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Jas took a photo of me from my iPhone and said I looked pretty, ah that's nice have not felt pretty for a long time.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

ergo baby carrier to buy or not

Not sure if to buy the new ERGObaby Performance carrier to carry Zalia. I have seen so many mothers with ERGObaby carriers but the Performance has just come out here in Australia. It is slightly more expensive AU$199 compared to AU $159 for the basic one.
Here are the pros and cons by The Shopping Mama

Standard ERGObaby vs Performance

I think it would be great to use around the house, while I do things.
Even though Zalia is a good little girl and just sits and plays in the bouncer. We do have the baby bjorn which we were given as a hand me down from a fellow paleontologist friend from the uni, and Jas likes to take her around in it when we are out but i find it slightly unconfortable and low.

This link may help me decide babybjorn vs ERGObaby
She is growing up too fast. 4 months and half already, still with a cold. Joaquin had a fever this morning and will not go to daycare but stay at home with me. My parents are still renovating their house near the blue mountains and Jas is at work. Zalia is still asleep and nearly 11. I guess she was up a few times in the night. I should check on her.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fathers day

It is Father's day in the Southern Hemisphere.
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful hermoso "Oso" papa, quien quiero mucho (whom I love so much) and Happy Father's Day to both my grandfathers Abuelo Gregorio and Abuelo Ruben and to my partner Jason.

I am very much inspired but have little time to write anything or do anything.
I am deciding not to do anything until Zalia is 6 months old. She is 4 months and a half and just getting over a bacterial ear infection and still has a cold and cough but is growing well. She still breast feeds and wakes up at night at 12, 3am and 6am. Roughly every three hours. She weighs just over 6 kilos. When she was sick it was hard to get her to sleep, she would cry and whinge and screech, I think she was in pain poor little thing. She is on antibiotics still and nearly finished her dose.
Things are looking up today, It is sunny out, everyone is still in bed here.

I have wrapped a small present for Jas (a book) and have one for my dad too.
Soon I will hear Joaquin's little footsteps coming down the corridor and he will say "Is it get up time?" and can I watch "Hurray for Huckle?" and I will make him breakfast and start my day, unpacking the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen, dressing Zalia and Joaquin. Zalia is still asleep but I just fed her and rocked her a little to sleep. She has her cough but it is controllable and she does not whinge or cry as much now. more to her usual placid beautiful self. I can tell she has had a growth spurt not only based on how much milk she drinks and drains from me, and all her pooy nappies but because she smiles so much more now, and makes new noises that sounds like syllables and like she is saying mammmy. She is so observant of all that is around her and interacts more and touches things with her hands. She looks up after her feed at me and smiles (something that melts my heart every time) and think quickly goes back to the boob. She is very strong physically and mentally. I can tell this already.

Joaquin at 3 is amazing and so bright and smart.
He remembers so much and understands so many concepts, just by telling him once. That for example we can't waste water as as soon as we turn on a tap the water goes down the drain and out to see. The same with a toilet. He always asks me know when I take him to a new toilet (say in a shop) "Does that water go down the drain and out to sea?".
He loves science and nature. I bought him an activity mathematical Thomas the train book and I explained to him the concept of taking awa (minus) and he understood it after explaining it to him. He was very quick and it really amazes me. Well his father is exceptional at maths (doing pure maths now at his IT job writing code) and his uncle my brother is an Astronomer and I am sure uses maths and physics every day for his job.
Joaquin is eating better and there was a time there (all winter) he was sick and did not put on too much weight. Now he weighs nearly 17 kg and has a lot of milo and milk at different times of his day. We have made him have a bit of carrot and potato at night with his meals, and squeeze fresh orange juice for him at breakfast.

I love my children.
I want to be a good mother.
Not to worry too much.
Try to do things that make me happy.
Make others happy by being happy and going after what I want.
I respect my parents for doing what they have done and raising Seb and I with so much hardship. I love my parents, and my brother.
I love Jason.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Joaquin is becoming independent

I am much happier lately.
I guess it is because the days are getting longer and brighter here in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring officially arrives here on the 1st of September but for me Spring is still the 21st of September.
Today I picked up Joaquin from day care using the new Phil and Teds pram. It is Sports Pram quite good for two children, either a newborn and toddler or two toddlers. It is designed in New Zealand and made in China. Joaquin loves it, he told me he wanted a pram that is one on top of each other and not side by side. He goes on top and Zalia underneath, she lies now flat, but when she is 6 months and can sit she will be able to sit below.
I have read many reviews and there are so problems with the pram, I had problems steering but the problem was the front wheel was not positioned properly and the wheels being new were not pumped fully. The other problem I have is the break, it is easy to put down but hard to lift up. Also Zalia is not 100% happy lying flat and not being able to see around her, she can only look up and see my face and see the sky. Anyway when we bought it and she used it she has been sick and not 100% so we will see when she is feeling better if she likes it.

I picked up Joaquin from preschool and the teacher spoke to me and said Joaquin was very good, he was put in the purple group for ages 3 1/2 to 4 (the older kids) and was very good at participating and worked well in group activities. he participated and gave some important insights into the topic they were doing. "Babies and Children". When asked how babies are different from children he replied Babies do not have teeth and can not eat, and that they need their mummies to go to the toilet.
I think the teachers were impressed. They said he was very good and on a roll. I know my son is very observant and understands a lot for his age, he just needs confidence and to feel good. He has been sick with an ear infection and now is better, this may have made him feel happier. He has also grown a lot and matured in the last few weeks. He loves to do things himself, spread cream cheese with a knife on his bread, make his own Milo, pour milk, go to the toilet by himself, lift up the blinds in his room, take his night time nappy off by himself in the morning.
He is becoming an independent little boy.