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Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday grilled fish and park

Had a lovely day at Coogee Beach. Weather is starting to be warmer.
Had grilled fish and delightful salad at a Fish Called Coogee with my parents. Jas had walked down earlier to the beach Joaquin. They played in the sand and jumped waves on the shore and met up with friends.
After lunch we walked to Coogee beach park and Joaquin played. Met a mum from new mother's group and her bub. She told me she had began to drink wine now as she was able to pump milk into a bottle and her hubby to feed her bub. She seemed happy. Another mother said how sweet Zalia was and how pale she is. I do not see her pale, and how Joaquin did not seem 3, he is tall and he seems 4. He loves to play with the older kids and wants to make friends all the time. He is very observant and sees everything.
Jas took this photo of me at the park.

After the park we stopped at the butcher and bought some steaks and I bought some tomatos. Then we walked home. It was nice.
At home Jas made the steaks on the bbq out on the balcony and I made a tomato salad with chorizo that I copied from a Jamie Oliver show where he is in Andalucia, Spain.

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