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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Joaquin is becoming independent

I am much happier lately.
I guess it is because the days are getting longer and brighter here in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring officially arrives here on the 1st of September but for me Spring is still the 21st of September.
Today I picked up Joaquin from day care using the new Phil and Teds pram. It is Sports Pram quite good for two children, either a newborn and toddler or two toddlers. It is designed in New Zealand and made in China. Joaquin loves it, he told me he wanted a pram that is one on top of each other and not side by side. He goes on top and Zalia underneath, she lies now flat, but when she is 6 months and can sit she will be able to sit below.
I have read many reviews and there are so problems with the pram, I had problems steering but the problem was the front wheel was not positioned properly and the wheels being new were not pumped fully. The other problem I have is the break, it is easy to put down but hard to lift up. Also Zalia is not 100% happy lying flat and not being able to see around her, she can only look up and see my face and see the sky. Anyway when we bought it and she used it she has been sick and not 100% so we will see when she is feeling better if she likes it.

I picked up Joaquin from preschool and the teacher spoke to me and said Joaquin was very good, he was put in the purple group for ages 3 1/2 to 4 (the older kids) and was very good at participating and worked well in group activities. he participated and gave some important insights into the topic they were doing. "Babies and Children". When asked how babies are different from children he replied Babies do not have teeth and can not eat, and that they need their mummies to go to the toilet.
I think the teachers were impressed. They said he was very good and on a roll. I know my son is very observant and understands a lot for his age, he just needs confidence and to feel good. He has been sick with an ear infection and now is better, this may have made him feel happier. He has also grown a lot and matured in the last few weeks. He loves to do things himself, spread cream cheese with a knife on his bread, make his own Milo, pour milk, go to the toilet by himself, lift up the blinds in his room, take his night time nappy off by himself in the morning.
He is becoming an independent little boy.

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