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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fathers day

It is Father's day in the Southern Hemisphere.
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful hermoso "Oso" papa, quien quiero mucho (whom I love so much) and Happy Father's Day to both my grandfathers Abuelo Gregorio and Abuelo Ruben and to my partner Jason.

I am very much inspired but have little time to write anything or do anything.
I am deciding not to do anything until Zalia is 6 months old. She is 4 months and a half and just getting over a bacterial ear infection and still has a cold and cough but is growing well. She still breast feeds and wakes up at night at 12, 3am and 6am. Roughly every three hours. She weighs just over 6 kilos. When she was sick it was hard to get her to sleep, she would cry and whinge and screech, I think she was in pain poor little thing. She is on antibiotics still and nearly finished her dose.
Things are looking up today, It is sunny out, everyone is still in bed here.

I have wrapped a small present for Jas (a book) and have one for my dad too.
Soon I will hear Joaquin's little footsteps coming down the corridor and he will say "Is it get up time?" and can I watch "Hurray for Huckle?" and I will make him breakfast and start my day, unpacking the dishwasher, cleaning the kitchen, dressing Zalia and Joaquin. Zalia is still asleep but I just fed her and rocked her a little to sleep. She has her cough but it is controllable and she does not whinge or cry as much now. more to her usual placid beautiful self. I can tell she has had a growth spurt not only based on how much milk she drinks and drains from me, and all her pooy nappies but because she smiles so much more now, and makes new noises that sounds like syllables and like she is saying mammmy. She is so observant of all that is around her and interacts more and touches things with her hands. She looks up after her feed at me and smiles (something that melts my heart every time) and think quickly goes back to the boob. She is very strong physically and mentally. I can tell this already.

Joaquin at 3 is amazing and so bright and smart.
He remembers so much and understands so many concepts, just by telling him once. That for example we can't waste water as as soon as we turn on a tap the water goes down the drain and out to see. The same with a toilet. He always asks me know when I take him to a new toilet (say in a shop) "Does that water go down the drain and out to sea?".
He loves science and nature. I bought him an activity mathematical Thomas the train book and I explained to him the concept of taking awa (minus) and he understood it after explaining it to him. He was very quick and it really amazes me. Well his father is exceptional at maths (doing pure maths now at his IT job writing code) and his uncle my brother is an Astronomer and I am sure uses maths and physics every day for his job.
Joaquin is eating better and there was a time there (all winter) he was sick and did not put on too much weight. Now he weighs nearly 17 kg and has a lot of milo and milk at different times of his day. We have made him have a bit of carrot and potato at night with his meals, and squeeze fresh orange juice for him at breakfast.

I love my children.
I want to be a good mother.
Not to worry too much.
Try to do things that make me happy.
Make others happy by being happy and going after what I want.
I respect my parents for doing what they have done and raising Seb and I with so much hardship. I love my parents, and my brother.
I love Jason.

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