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Sunday, September 5, 2010

ergo baby carrier to buy or not

Not sure if to buy the new ERGObaby Performance carrier to carry Zalia. I have seen so many mothers with ERGObaby carriers but the Performance has just come out here in Australia. It is slightly more expensive AU$199 compared to AU $159 for the basic one.
Here are the pros and cons by The Shopping Mama

Standard ERGObaby vs Performance

I think it would be great to use around the house, while I do things.
Even though Zalia is a good little girl and just sits and plays in the bouncer. We do have the baby bjorn which we were given as a hand me down from a fellow paleontologist friend from the uni, and Jas likes to take her around in it when we are out but i find it slightly unconfortable and low.

This link may help me decide babybjorn vs ERGObaby
She is growing up too fast. 4 months and half already, still with a cold. Joaquin had a fever this morning and will not go to daycare but stay at home with me. My parents are still renovating their house near the blue mountains and Jas is at work. Zalia is still asleep and nearly 11. I guess she was up a few times in the night. I should check on her.

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