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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

children chairs and table ikea

I love the Vogue spread on Sarah Jessica Parker's home that she shares with her three children, twins Tabitha and Loretta and older son James Wilkie and husband.
I love this shot of her kitchen with her adorable twin girls. I noticed the little white table and realised I had a similar one in my kitchen. Ikea of course for me, table and chairs! I went cheapo at Ikea and used the white lack side table at $9.99 and 2 kritter children's chairs @ $25 a pop. A bit expensive but I saved on the table.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

raining cold wet day in Sydney

It is raining so much in Sydney town and we are lying in bed Tuesday night nearly 11pm and four year old Joaquin is in the middle of the bed with the ipad (he needs to sleep),daddy bear is asleep and Zazu is in her cot in her room asleep. She has croup and Joaquin has the same virus. I took them to the medical center this afternoon and Joaquin had 38.5 degrees C and Zalia had 37.8 but both were acting ok. Jas picked us up and we went to get food for dinner at the local shops. On the way home they both fell asleep and we had to get them out of the car without getting wet. We managed to keep them asleep and I began to prepare things for dinner.

Jas made some crumbed lamb cutlets and I made boiled veges. Joaquin and Zalia both ate their dinner well. Not like the night before where it was winging and crying all night so Joaquin could eat his dinner. Now I KNOW WHY HE DID NOT EAT IT AND CRIED AND CARRIED ON, HE WAS SICK.

After dinner we had a treat (left over greek cakes from the Saweet spot cafe)and baths and watched tv with the new stereo. Joaquin loves watching blinky bill, the Octonaughts and Bananas in Pyjamas. Iget to watch other tv shows and record what I want to watch later.
Zalia likes to annoy and cause mischief. She is 14 months, starting walking last week and eats well. She weighs less than 10 kg and the dr asked me if Joaquin was also a light weight. Well at his 4 year vaccination and checkup last month Joaquin weighed 20 kg (90% for weight) and 97% for height.
Zalia also says
Hola, Mama, Dada, Laura (the nanny), nana for banana. She says na when she wants something. She sticks her tongue out and blows rasberries when she does not want something. she kisses on cue. she waves goodbye. She also shakes her head for no. She understands a lot, more than I give her credit. She loves her brother and her father so much. Tonight she walked around me while i was on the ground and stopped to give me kisses each time she came around to my face. very sweet.

Monday, July 18, 2011

our old apartment is now up for rent

These our photos I found online of our old apartment in coogee we rented out. We payed $445 a week and now it on offer for $600. It has been renovated. The walls have been painted a lovely white. It looks much fresher. The old clear but stained carpet was removed and it looks 100 times better with the original floor boards.
We have lived there since June 2006 and had our two children there. It was a lovely place and full of memories but time to move on to better places. We finally moved on the 15th June 2011 to a house. We rent too, but it is so lovely and big, 4 bedrooms and a front and back garden and a sunroom, laundry and 2 bathrooms. A big difference.

Spanish style building
Deck with lovely views to Coogee beach
Kitchen lino floor removed and floor boards were kept
Living room, good size but we had a dining table there too
Main bedroom we also had Z's cot in there with the bed
Another shot of main bedroom
Sunroom, they kept the carpet. This was Joaquin's room and a bit small. Brings back many memories

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend July in the Hunter

We went up to visit Jas's family and Nanny and Poppy on the weekend. We left Friday night and returned 8.45pm Sunday night and ordered Thai food home delivery. It takes about 4 hours to drive and Joaquin and Zalia usually have a sleep in the car. Joaquin was not too crash hot when we picked him up from preschool just after 4pm on Friday. The preschool teacher said he had some apple and vomited. He did not want to go to preschool that morning and was upset, I think he was already coming down with something, poor little thing.

In Scone we had fun, everyone had a go on the motorbike even little Zalia who is 14 months, she is a bit of a daredevil. Joaquin also enjoys it so much, in his Thomas the tank boots. He loves to play with his cousins and wanted to play Lego with his older 8 year old cousin.
We had a lovely dinner on Saturday night to celebrate the birthdays during the last few months. Jas mother made roast pork and chicken with vegetables and there was a freddo the frog ice cream cake for desert that everyone loves. Joaquin received a lot of presents for his birthday (he turned 4 in June). I think he was happy to spend time with his grandparents and cousins.
He says he wants to have a gold fish as a pet.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friday afternoon

It is sunny today. I have been at home getting ready, packing to go to visit Jas's family.
Zalia was with the share nanny this afternoon from 12-4. In the morning I took Joaquin to preschool with Zalia in the pram, he was not feeling that good. I think he may be getting sick or just is very tired.

This is a photo i took with the iphone of the lovely orange flowers from our backyard that grow on our neighbours garage roof.

Have a lovely weekend!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

getting old and cranky

Its always a bit tricky in the morning trying to juggle things and trying so hard to get up in a good mood. I think it is lack of sleep as Z still gets up (she got up at 3am and then I find it hard to get back to sleep after I feed her and get her back in bed).
But like BabyMac I too am feeling old.

1) I get easily upset over little things my partner says (i.e. he got angry at me as I forgot to wash his shirts, he only has a few as he threw the others out and we have not been able to replace them yet due to being time poor). This makes me bite, it is not my responsibility to have his shirts washed or is it? Just because I do not work full time at an 8-5 job. Anyway

2)Getting old as I get a headache with the new gas heater.

3) Get old as I should run and train for city to surf but have been lazy and find excuses.

4) I feel old as I would rather wash clothes than run.

5) Get cranky at my children

6) Get annoyed at my children if they throw things too hard on the wooden floors.

I think the solution to these problems are a) make coffee and drink a cup in the morning, b) go to sleep earlier and when Z wakes up and then goes back to sleep 20 min later, get to sleep no blogs no iphones; c) be grateful for my children, family, home, health, food and water.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It has been around two months since we came back from Argentina and today my mum left to go back to Argentina. I miss her so much already. She did so much to help me and was with me just by my side. She is such a great mother. I will miss having lunch with her, having her mind Z or hold Z while I do something. Just being here when I needed her. I love you mama.

Last night we went for coffee and a cake just my mum and I. I have not done that in such a long time and we had a nice talk and time, just mother and daughter.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Kitchen

I love our new kitchen in the new house we have rented.
It is big and white and has large cupboards and lovely reconstituted stone bench and splashback and a lot of bench space and two sinks and a large window with a lot of light, as well as wooden floors.