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Monday, July 18, 2011

our old apartment is now up for rent

These our photos I found online of our old apartment in coogee we rented out. We payed $445 a week and now it on offer for $600. It has been renovated. The walls have been painted a lovely white. It looks much fresher. The old clear but stained carpet was removed and it looks 100 times better with the original floor boards.
We have lived there since June 2006 and had our two children there. It was a lovely place and full of memories but time to move on to better places. We finally moved on the 15th June 2011 to a house. We rent too, but it is so lovely and big, 4 bedrooms and a front and back garden and a sunroom, laundry and 2 bathrooms. A big difference.

Spanish style building
Deck with lovely views to Coogee beach
Kitchen lino floor removed and floor boards were kept
Living room, good size but we had a dining table there too
Main bedroom we also had Z's cot in there with the bed
Another shot of main bedroom
Sunroom, they kept the carpet. This was Joaquin's room and a bit small. Brings back many memories

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Lindsay said...

I love those floors with the shining wood, what did you do to make them look like that?? It looks totally new! When I travelled to Argentina, I wanted to stay at a hotal at first, but when I ckecked a few Buenos Aires apartments, I realized all of them are new, modern and luxurious so I decided to rent. Yours should get rented shortly!