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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

raining cold wet day in Sydney

It is raining so much in Sydney town and we are lying in bed Tuesday night nearly 11pm and four year old Joaquin is in the middle of the bed with the ipad (he needs to sleep),daddy bear is asleep and Zazu is in her cot in her room asleep. She has croup and Joaquin has the same virus. I took them to the medical center this afternoon and Joaquin had 38.5 degrees C and Zalia had 37.8 but both were acting ok. Jas picked us up and we went to get food for dinner at the local shops. On the way home they both fell asleep and we had to get them out of the car without getting wet. We managed to keep them asleep and I began to prepare things for dinner.

Jas made some crumbed lamb cutlets and I made boiled veges. Joaquin and Zalia both ate their dinner well. Not like the night before where it was winging and crying all night so Joaquin could eat his dinner. Now I KNOW WHY HE DID NOT EAT IT AND CRIED AND CARRIED ON, HE WAS SICK.

After dinner we had a treat (left over greek cakes from the Saweet spot cafe)and baths and watched tv with the new stereo. Joaquin loves watching blinky bill, the Octonaughts and Bananas in Pyjamas. Iget to watch other tv shows and record what I want to watch later.
Zalia likes to annoy and cause mischief. She is 14 months, starting walking last week and eats well. She weighs less than 10 kg and the dr asked me if Joaquin was also a light weight. Well at his 4 year vaccination and checkup last month Joaquin weighed 20 kg (90% for weight) and 97% for height.
Zalia also says
Hola, Mama, Dada, Laura (the nanny), nana for banana. She says na when she wants something. She sticks her tongue out and blows rasberries when she does not want something. she kisses on cue. she waves goodbye. She also shakes her head for no. She understands a lot, more than I give her credit. She loves her brother and her father so much. Tonight she walked around me while i was on the ground and stopped to give me kisses each time she came around to my face. very sweet.

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