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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

getting old and cranky

Its always a bit tricky in the morning trying to juggle things and trying so hard to get up in a good mood. I think it is lack of sleep as Z still gets up (she got up at 3am and then I find it hard to get back to sleep after I feed her and get her back in bed).
But like BabyMac I too am feeling old.

1) I get easily upset over little things my partner says (i.e. he got angry at me as I forgot to wash his shirts, he only has a few as he threw the others out and we have not been able to replace them yet due to being time poor). This makes me bite, it is not my responsibility to have his shirts washed or is it? Just because I do not work full time at an 8-5 job. Anyway

2)Getting old as I get a headache with the new gas heater.

3) Get old as I should run and train for city to surf but have been lazy and find excuses.

4) I feel old as I would rather wash clothes than run.

5) Get cranky at my children

6) Get annoyed at my children if they throw things too hard on the wooden floors.

I think the solution to these problems are a) make coffee and drink a cup in the morning, b) go to sleep earlier and when Z wakes up and then goes back to sleep 20 min later, get to sleep no blogs no iphones; c) be grateful for my children, family, home, health, food and water.

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