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Monday, July 28, 2014

Snow in Patagonia Winter 2014

It finally snowed. Yihaa Grandma... (something I used to say when I was about 12 and excited). Well we were all excited to see snow. The tourists, the people of Esquel, the skiers and snowboarders. Even the dogs.
It was -9 degrees C on Saturday.
However on Sunday was a touch warmer (-1) and it finally snowed and we woke up to this.
We took Joaquin at 8.15 to his ski club. He ended up skiing quite a bit in the morning and then there was a storm in the afternoon.
We had the fire going on all day. So lovely.

Jas made roast veggies and roast chook for dinner. And then Zalia played by the fire with playmobil, Joaquin watched an Australian tv show "good games" for noobs on the ipad and we cleared up and went to bed. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

How I feel today: Nostalgic

My blog posts are about what we do some of the days during our life.
At the moment they are during our life in Patagonia.
There are great things about living here: the scenery, the openness of the landscape, the snowy mountains, the cheap ski classes for my kids, the country living, my work, my parents who live in the same spot as us, my children being close to their parents, my children learning spanish, my children not involved in the consumer lifestyle that envelopes us all when we live in Sydney or Australia, the learning to make things from scratch-curries, sourdough bread, greek yoghurt, feta cheese.....

The not so great things about living here is: the isolation, the cold, the limited food, the limited food outlets, the coldness of the people, no friends, no jobs for Jason, no australians, no friends (again), no colleagues close by, the lack of beaches close by, the lack of great clothing shops that are found in Sydney, walking everywhere like I used to do in Randwick, no second hand shops, no cinemas, no cousins for my kids, the very sloooowwww internet.

I feel at times nostalgic of my life in Sydney when my kids were smaller. I walked everywhere, I took my kids everywhere in the double Phil and Ted's pram.
I walked to the beach, walked to get smoothies, walked into second hand shops, had lunch with friends, let the kids splash on the beach, walked to the library, to the parks and playgrounds. It is all a life time away.

Anyway just some words on how I feel today.
Better get back to work.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Was filled with:
Eating alfajores 
Picking up my lost reprints that were sent to someone else
Buying semi frozen berries and peeled walnuts from a man and his van on the side if the road 
Watching a video from 1974 on marsupial lactation
Going for a walk with my family
Having roast lamb for dinner

chicken pie

Last night I made some home made pies.
 I used babymac's potpie recipe but I also used Jamie Oliver's chicken pie recipe from 30 minute meal book.
I first poached the chicken breasts in stock with pepper balls, bay leaves and thyme. Then i fried garlic, leek slices, some onion and then sliced mushroom. I added the chicken which I had previously shredded to the pan. I added some stock 400ml, cream and mustard. It was quite yummy and we served it up with green pea mash and corn.
Both my kids ate a pie each Yeahhh success!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Winter holidays Part 3 in Patagonia

Winter holidays started this week and they are on for two weeks.
Joaquin is going to ski camp for the two weeks from 8.30 to 5.30. The problem is that there is not much snow.
We decided to get out late Sunday afternoon. Joaquin took the day off from skiing class and then we took them out for a bike ride.
Zalia is riding very well, and does not want help. She has training wheels on her bike.
Joaquin is riding very well too.
I took the dogs for a walk. Usually when I take the dogs Zalia comes with me, she loves to climb any small hills she can find.
This time last year we were on holidays in Australia. This year we are still here with holidays in Patagonia.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Winter holidays Part 2 Esquel

While the holidays have started I have been busy going into my office. I go in at 8.15 am after we drop of Joaquin at the ski club. He has a bus that takes him up the mountain to La Hoya ski resort which is only 14 km.
I am working on my papers.
Jas stays at home and looks after Zalia,
She has been drawing, painting, and Jas even made some coloured play dough, which was a hit.
Dinner has mostly been steamed veges and some sort of meat or chicken schnitzel.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At home with Zalia, winter holidays have began

At home with Zalia.
During the holidays Zalia has been hanging out, playing with her dolls and a friend came over. They both put on hot pink sunglasses and then went out to run with the dogs.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Winter holidays Part 1 and facturas

Joaquin started his first day of ski camp. It was cold outside, there is not too much snow hopefully he can start to ski.
Last night we had pizza for dinner, and will have it for left overs today.
We bought some facturas for breakfast.