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Friday, July 25, 2014

How I feel today: Nostalgic

My blog posts are about what we do some of the days during our life.
At the moment they are during our life in Patagonia.
There are great things about living here: the scenery, the openness of the landscape, the snowy mountains, the cheap ski classes for my kids, the country living, my work, my parents who live in the same spot as us, my children being close to their parents, my children learning spanish, my children not involved in the consumer lifestyle that envelopes us all when we live in Sydney or Australia, the learning to make things from scratch-curries, sourdough bread, greek yoghurt, feta cheese.....

The not so great things about living here is: the isolation, the cold, the limited food, the limited food outlets, the coldness of the people, no friends, no jobs for Jason, no australians, no friends (again), no colleagues close by, the lack of beaches close by, the lack of great clothing shops that are found in Sydney, walking everywhere like I used to do in Randwick, no second hand shops, no cinemas, no cousins for my kids, the very sloooowwww internet.

I feel at times nostalgic of my life in Sydney when my kids were smaller. I walked everywhere, I took my kids everywhere in the double Phil and Ted's pram.
I walked to the beach, walked to get smoothies, walked into second hand shops, had lunch with friends, let the kids splash on the beach, walked to the library, to the parks and playgrounds. It is all a life time away.

Anyway just some words on how I feel today.
Better get back to work.

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