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Monday, July 28, 2014

Snow in Patagonia Winter 2014

It finally snowed. Yihaa Grandma... (something I used to say when I was about 12 and excited). Well we were all excited to see snow. The tourists, the people of Esquel, the skiers and snowboarders. Even the dogs.
It was -9 degrees C on Saturday.
However on Sunday was a touch warmer (-1) and it finally snowed and we woke up to this.
We took Joaquin at 8.15 to his ski club. He ended up skiing quite a bit in the morning and then there was a storm in the afternoon.
We had the fire going on all day. So lovely.

Jas made roast veggies and roast chook for dinner. And then Zalia played by the fire with playmobil, Joaquin watched an Australian tv show "good games" for noobs on the ipad and we cleared up and went to bed. 

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