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Monday, September 15, 2008

old mueble almacen

My parents piece of furniture, used in a hardware store originally by grandfather, now used to house food items here at my parents home.

I saw this for sale on mercado libre (ebay.

blue mueble venezuela

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I love this old furniture, old wall, wood stack, reminds me of an old house in Patagonia

my mums kitchen in patagonia

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I plus verb

I AM in Patagonia.
I WANT to be good and passionate at the things I do.
I HAVE a bit of a sore throat and a gorgeous son and partner.
I KEEP jewellery from my grandmother Sara.
I WISH I could write very well.
I HATE that I am not a confident person.
I FEAR being a fearful timid, sad person.
I DON'T THINK I will ever read all the books I would love to read.
I REGRET not working harder before I had my son.
I LOVE Joaquin my little boy, Jason my beautiful partner and my family.
I AM NOT selfish and a liar.
I DANCE the same way I did when I was 13.
I SING out of tune but I LOVE music.
I NEVER can remember political leaders.
I REALLY want to be fit and intelligent.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH shows on new babies on cable tv .
I HATE THAT beauty and nature are very linked to pain and death.
I AM CONFUSED ABOUT some verbs in spanish.
I NEED a lot of lovin .
I SHOULD read more, write more and learn to be more positive
Thanks 13mimosa, for the idea.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

thoughts about my time in Patagonia

It is very windy and at times cold here in the small town of Esquel.
There are some tourists around as we are at the end of the ski season. The mountains surrounding Esquel are white with snow and look like freshly made cakes iced with white creamy icing.
There are not that many restaurants here so we are just eating at home all the time, with food that my mother usually makes.
On fathers day (Sunday 8th of September) we went out for pizza at Patagonia Winds and were looking forward to lovely scrumptious pizza but just got middle of the range pizza. We had high expectations as we had eaten pizza from here in Jan 2008 when we were here last and really the pizza has changed, even though the waitress that served us was the same and she was quick to point out that the chef has not changed after we mentioned to her that the pizza was not as nice as the last time we had tasted it.
We ate two pizzas, salad and beer and it cost $102 pesos about 40 Australian dollars.
I would like to go out to dinner with Jas before he goes, just him and me.
I should not be too hard on Esquel, it has gone through so much, with thousands of tonnes of ashfall thanks to the Volcano across in Chile El Chaitén and here it is live and updated. Watch it spill ash and grit.
One of my dad's friends here in Esquel told me the people from Esquel, the Esquelenses have gloomy sad faces every time ash falls on the town and there is always a lot of cleaning to do. So far no ash seems to have fallen while we are here.