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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I plus verb

I AM in Patagonia.
I WANT to be good and passionate at the things I do.
I HAVE a bit of a sore throat and a gorgeous son and partner.
I KEEP jewellery from my grandmother Sara.
I WISH I could write very well.
I HATE that I am not a confident person.
I FEAR being a fearful timid, sad person.
I DON'T THINK I will ever read all the books I would love to read.
I REGRET not working harder before I had my son.
I LOVE Joaquin my little boy, Jason my beautiful partner and my family.
I AM NOT selfish and a liar.
I DANCE the same way I did when I was 13.
I SING out of tune but I LOVE music.
I NEVER can remember political leaders.
I REALLY want to be fit and intelligent.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH shows on new babies on cable tv .
I HATE THAT beauty and nature are very linked to pain and death.
I AM CONFUSED ABOUT some verbs in spanish.
I NEED a lot of lovin .
I SHOULD read more, write more and learn to be more positive
Thanks 13mimosa, for the idea.

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