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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter show with 2 kids under 4 and 3/4

Yes Joaquin will be 5 in June.
Yes Zalia will be 2 later in April (very soon).
So we decided to go to the Easter show. The Easter show is at Homebush the old show ground for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
I used to go to the easter show when it was in Moore Park when i was a youngster. I loved the show bags, the shows at night, the lights, seeing so many people, seeing boys.

This time we caught the bus and train to Homebush. We bought our tickets online and saved lining up for ages and Jas got money out from the ATM saving time as well.
We had lunch, fish and chips for them, chips, a chicken nando roll on flat bread for me, Jas had a dagwood dog.
We went on some rides in the Kids Playground, a train, a boat, an airplane.

Zalia got an elmo doll
We saw cows, big bulls, small calves, chickens, goats, lambs.
We went into the children's animal farm and the kids played with the animals.
We went into the fresh food pavilion and saw paintings and art work in the art exhibition and colourful delightful cakes frosted and looking so amazing in the cake exhibition and contest.
Jas had a take away coffee there.
Zalia slept in the pram.
We went in the show bag pavilion, a Thomas the tank bag for Joaquin $22, a Dora bag for Zalia $25, two wiggles bags $15, a Mrs Men bag for Zalia $10, a Madison bag for me $20.
We saw horses jump and large draught horses go by with the carts filled with draught and other drums of goodies. We went into the main arena and saw the draught horses demonstrating their abilities.
Joaquin went on a log boat ride by himself with two other little boys he met and he got a bit wet and pale with fright. But he was BRAVE.
We went on the lovely carousel and Jas took photos. They both did not want to sit on the horses.

We had toasted cheese sandwiches for dinner $2 with coon cheese, hot and tasty. We had chocolate milk and Jas had a pie and sausage roll.
We saw motor bike riders and bike riders demonstrating their skills in giant tubes.

We caught the train home and were exhausted.

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