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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zalia is nearly two

Zalia will be two in a few days time.
Where oh where has the last year gone, has the two years gone.
I will be doing a little party for her and have invited a few friends last minute. I am always last minute. I am not as organised as I would like to be.
Anyway Zalia is turning two and sure enough there are tantrums and a wild independent streak that is shinning through, shinning so strongly that It really drives me bonkers. She drives me to the edge, her ability to want so much, to know what she wants. Well she does not want too much she just wants a drink when I am just about to sit down or go to the toilet, she wants to sit on me when I sit down, as a matter of fact I never get to sit down as she wants to sit on me and have a breastfeed. I wanted to wean her by two but that is not happening. I mean she is breastfeeding less, and I am trying to do it only two times a day, morning and night. She has even learnt to say the word breastfeed, as I tell her when she wants it at random times of the day, no breastfeeding now, you have had your milk.
Anyway I love her to bits, she is going to be two and she has a strong spirit. She is very strong, the way she asks for things, the way she throws balls, and hits, the way she knows what she wants. She is also very sweet, and when she has realised she has hurt someone she smothers them with kisses. She loves to kiss and pat other children, and she loves her brothers. She loves, dolls, and shoes, and clothes, and trains and books. She loves playing on the iPad and watching the wiggles. She loves to dance to the wiggles and move her doll around the house in the pram. She is very bright, does not speak too much, might be because I speak to her in Spanish and Jas in english. But she understands so much. She does say the following words:
Lets go
She has really had an exponential leap with words and talking in the last month.
I love you my baby girl,
te amo
te quiero
te adoro

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