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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday day and afternoon

We spent the morning at the hospital. Joaquin had to have x-rays to see how his elbow is healing. The x-ray man was a little bit of a klutz. He asked me if i was pregnant, which I guess is procedure. He then tried to x-ray Joaquin's arm moving him from here and there and I helped out and made sure he added the lead cover on Joaquin.
Then we went to the clinic (i did not know what the clinic was). It is the outpatients at the children's hospital. There an orthopaedic doctor was going to see us, but it is first in first served. Some kids were getting plaster on, some off, the plaster comes now in bright colours, blue, purple, red and it is fibreglass so waterproof and kids can now shower and bath and swim with their plaster.
We ended up being seen after a few hours waiting, a friend took Zalia for a walk and to the park. Joaquin played with other kids waiting and he had fun. In the end, his arm is healing well, he has had a bad break but he is healing and the dr put a tape around his arm which hold the sling in place and it seems better for Joaquin.
After this we walked to the randwick shops. Zalia ran away down high street and freaked me out. She runs so fast and moves so quickly, I had to put a break on the pram as Joaquin got in it and it faced uphill and then chase her. Luckily no ambulances were coming in or out of the hospital at the time. We also stopped by the library, bought some chocolate, met some friends and walked home. Zalia slept on the way home and I managed to put her in the bed and she slept some more. Joaquin and I had lunch at home and hung out.

The rest of the afternoon looked like this:

Zalia pretending she has a sore/broken arm too

playing around outside, i put a plastic bag on Joaquin's arm so he could play with water

The moon and the washing

We walked to the bottle shop after night fell when Jas got home and picked up some grog. There was a very drunk man who was on a bike and had a trailer on his bike. There was a cask of wine in his trailer. Jas crossed the road with Zalia in the pram, and then the man, his bike and trailer crossed the road and Joaquin and I waited. While this happened, Joaquin got upset as he had to wait and cried. the man who was crossing the road and was load and obviously drunk stopped in the middle of the road, with his bike and screamed "WHATTT". It was funny, it made Joaquin stop crying. The man then walked with us to the bottle shop, talking loudly to himself, singing, making people look at him who were in restaurants having their dinner. At the bottle shop we bought wine and beer, the man walked in with bike and all and asked for some free beer. He was sent on his merry way.
Ww bought two bottles of wine, one an argentinian malbec, the other a clearskin rose. I bought a Little creatures pale ale. It was nice $4.20 for a small bottle.
I had made a chicken curry earlier on with frozen free ranged chicken legs. It was yummy but I think I need to cook the legs longer.
I used this recipe but added chicken korma paste too, from the Wednesday Chef and the recipe is originally from Nigel Slater.
Everyone is now in bed, I have cleaned up and Jas is so tired and cranky. Joaquin went to sleep so early and so did Zalia. I put them in bed just after 8, read them Harry the Dirty dog, sang to them Aroro mi ninio and seta nena/nene linda/o se llama Joaquin/Zalia and they were all asleep.

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