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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hair lice, infestation in Coogee and Randwick

I have not updated this blog in a while and March is nearly over and April oh my lordy April is nearly here.
I do love this time of year, when Autumn is here and the days are sunny but cool in the morning. Autumn is like Spring without all the wind. Which is so much better, I think.
Today Thursday I am home with both kids. Zalia is sleeping right now and Joaquin watching Mr Moon on the iPad. He told me that Space was a quiet place and then asked "How is noise made in space?", "Maybe by rockets or asteroids?". Very cute. He is so cute I love him so much.

But for the last few days I have been quite irritable and restless and slightly upset.
I think it is a mixture of that time of the month and ...... having little critters that are quite disgusting called Lice and their offspring in form of eggs (nits) living and crawling and doing their business in MY HAIR and my family's hair.
So I have been treating the suckers.. literally... and I needed to use two different treatments.

On Tuesday night we used:
Moov Hair Lice solution by Ego It smelled nice and has as the main ingredients alcohol and eucalyptus oil. I used it on Joaquin who is 4 and myself.

On Wednesday during the day I put in  K24 in my hair  and kept it in all afternoon and night ( I looked like my hair was permenantly wet and gelled backed all day).
The k24 smelled nice and when I washed it out and added heaps of conditioner and combed through my hair with the lice combs i found a few eggs and lice and even a live one trying to crawl on the wet hair and foam stuck on the comb. NICEEEEEE

Anyway i feel better, but I found three living lice in Zalia's head this morning so we will treat her tonight and I have not found any more in Joaquin's hair.
On monday I removed about 40 eggs from his hair.
Jas finally treated his hair on Wednesday night with the Moov hair lice solution as on Tuesday night I had found three eggs in his hair. I am sure there are more, but he had his hair cut recently so I do not know if they got cut off as I found them close to the end of the hair and not near the scalp.

I think there was an infestation in my hair and I really do not know how I got them. About a month ago one of Joaquin's best friends had lice too and the chemist at Coogee told me there is an lice epidemic in Coogee Schools.

Interesting myths about Head lice such as:
Myth: Lice can be caught by jumping from head to head
Fact: They are unable to hop, jump, or fly at all – they are transmitted by close personal contact with an infested person’s head or by sharing articles of clothing, head gear like caps and hats, brushes and combs or even headsets.

I really am seeing so many bugs and creepy crawlies everywhere. We have small little ants in our home, we have many daddy long leg spiders, we have a few Wolf spiders, we have flies, we had a large bush cockroach but I think he left, we have these large flies ( i do not know their name) and in the compost there are about 3000 maggots of these flies eating their way out.

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