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Friday, March 23, 2012

friday my day in words

Friday is nearly gone.
Currently we (myself and my better half) are slouched on the couch in front of our tv. I have my new iPad 3, my old iPhone an amy newish MacBook Air. Jas has his old iPad 1 and iPhone 4s. We are such a apple family.

Today I
: slept in untill 8am even though I got up at 6am and had breakfast with the kids and Jas
: left the home at 9.20am
: walked to preschool
: saw a friend/mum on the way
: dropped of my son at 9.45am
: stopped by the randwick shops
: met a mum from Z's mums group and had a coffee
: walked to Z's music class
: got to music class at 10.35am
: Music class with Z, watched her really have fun and dance and sing
: Had lunch with another mum from Z's mum group and her little girl
: Z had some scrambled eggs for $3
: left at 12.30pm and walked home. Z fell asleep in the pram
: Arrive home had a yoghurt tried to move Z to the bed from pram and she woke up
: stayed in bed and tried to get Z back to sleep
: did not succeed
: got a txt from another mum from Z's mums group who I had met earlier telling me she made fresh scones and was coming over for a playmate
: Cleaned the house a bit
: Had friend over, Z played with her friend, played with water and prams
: Z makes her little friends cry
: had coffee and scones with cream and jam (thanks to my neighbour)
: At 4pm left home to pick up J at preschool
: organised with a friend to pick him up while i walked towards them
: we all walked to the park
: played at the park with my kids and their friends
: played outside the park in the small forest
: Met Jas at the park he picked us up and we went home
: Made dinner, steak, sausages, carrot salad with chile, boiled corn, potatoes, and peas
: After dinner before 9pm got them to bed
: Jas cleaned
: the end of the night

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