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Monday, April 21, 2008

elephants from my past

I am early, Joaquin is still asleep and he slept most of the night. It is cool outside and the sky is white with clouds and there is rain.
I hope we can go for a run this afternoon to the beach.

I remember when I was a little girl I loved a book with the picture of an elephant and a child. The child was sick in bed and the elephant was in the room.
I can not find that book but I found some other pictures of elephants. They are made of lines and old fashioned. My mum just told me the book was in spanish and was based on Russian short stories by Alexander Pushkin about a sick little child with fever who wanted to see the elephant from the circus. In the end the elephant was brought to the child's room and the child got better.

This picture is from Jules Vernes and is from here

More Jules Vernes Elephants
These are The Sultan's Elephants and you can download the pdfs which tell the story

There is also another Elephant, Queenie and her story is available at Black Dog Books and is about the Elephant Queenie who was captured in India and taken to the Melbourne Zoo. She would gives rides to people at the Zoo (up to 500 people a day) and eventually killed her keeper and was then destroyed.
The book is written by Corinne Fenton and illustrated by Peter Gouldthorpe

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