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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend with J & J

I have had a very good weekend with my little family.

Joaquin has been a bit sick with a cough and it has worried me a great deal, he has been vomiting some food but i think it may be the phlegm in his throat.
However he is still sleeping well at night and does not make much noise just coughs and goes back to sleep, i sometimes worry so I wake him up and feed him and his coughs seem to go away for the rest of the night.

It was ANZAC long weekend and we cleaned the flat on Friday. Jason cleaned the windows and they look great.
I made pumpkin soup with the slow cooker and the pumpkins come from Jason's parents friend who grows them and we bought 10 of them for $20. We left them on the balcony and one of them had been gnawed either by a mouse or by a possum. I hope the latter, it sounds more romantic.

We also went for a run around Centennial park on Saturday, that was great and I bumped into a fit mother from mothers group who is much fitter than me as she is training for the half marathon that in on in a few weeks time. Our friend R was babysitting Joaquin while we went for a run and it was the first time I had left him with anyone other than family.
After the run I lost Jas and R ( a paleontologist from UNSW) who we went for a run with. So I ran/walked back to R & R's house and Joaquin was there and Jas had been back but now had gone out to look for me. Jas later confessed he was worried I was lost and would have to spend the night at home with out me. He is silly. At R & R we had some cake that R made chocolate marble cake and all the running would have been for nothing I think. We had some crackers and I gave one to Joaquin thinking he was ok and he vomited over Jas.
Jas is an expert now so he took Joaquin outside before he managed to spew his milk out. R told me Joaquin was a good boy, I told him when he starts biting to give him a bottle and she did. She said they played with toy cars and he liked the music, but when a specific song from the soundtrack of Perfume came on he went still and was immersed in the music, when the song ended he went on his merry way crawling on the ground. I think that is gorgeous.

Yesterday I took him to the park at South Coogee and he loves to watch the other children and I put him on the small slippery dip, he loved that as well as the red boat. We gave him fish and chips for lunch and some chewed up calamari rings all from the shop Chis and Fips at Coogee Beach. Jas stayed home fixing myth tv and I brought him home some fish and chips, we had them on the balcony as it was such a lovely warm day yesterday.

Last night I went to the cinema with a friend and we watched Deception, it was ok. We had thai food and Jas looked after Joaquin. It was nice to get out and have an adult evening, even though I was worried about Joaquin having a cough.

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