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Saturday, April 12, 2008

This morning the sky is pale but there are openings of blue.
We slept well until 9am but Joaquin woke up a few times in the night crying but got himself back to sleep. I ended up feeding him at 6am and 9am.
Now we will have lunch, yummy vietnamese chicken rolls from HongHa Hot Bread. They are scrumptious with fresh chille and shredded chicken, pickled carrots, cucumbers, corianders, tomatoes and some mysterious seasoning and mayo. When we bring them home we add our own cheese to them. We also buy some meat from A & S Select Meats from Mascot.
Things to do
-I decided I need to read a whole lot more so I am going to make a list of books I want to read each mont
-Finish writing a paper
-Making a plan for this week when to go into University
-Keeping up the running schedule (Sat, Tuesday, Thursday, Big walk Monday)
-Organizing what to cook this week

Things to do to inspire me
-Write everyday
-Visit Opp shops
-Get rid of excess clothes and unwanted items from home
-Buy flowers weekly

Things that I like:
Marmiko Green Keskikokoinen kukkaro Cosmetic bag

Where to buy Chicken Rolls
HongHa Hot Bread

1151 Botany Road
Mascot NSW 2020
tel. +61 2 9667 2069
fax. +61 2 9667 0557

Where to buy Marmiko
Funkis at Bondi Beach

23a Curlewis Street
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
ph. +612 93650573
fax +612 91306244

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