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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Making an Advent Calender in Patagonia, Argentina

On the 30th of November I decided to make an Advent Calendar. So on Saturday at 5am I woke up when everyone was still tucked in bed and I got to work!
The reasons I wanted to go all out (not really) are that:
1) Joaquin has always received a chocolate christmas Advent calendar from his grandmother in Australia (usually Thomas) and loves opening the little slots,using his little fingers to remove chocolate. I love seeing him with a big smile on his face and chocolate everywhere for the next hour.
2) Argentina and Patagonia do not have Advent calendars, well none that I have seen in the shops.
3) Even though I am Jewish I like giving my children little treats.

So this is what I did:

Gather sweets and chocolates and some small toys (not shown)

Buy some brown paper bags (25 per child),
number them from 1 to 25

Add one treat per day, and tied them up with string

Placed them in a box (Ikea) under the tree and waited until the morning (The first of december) when both kids woke up and ran to see what was under the tree waiting for them

Zalia and the tree

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