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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

around the house

There are beautiful roses in the garden and they smell so lovely. I picked some and put them in a large jar of water.

The christmas cards all the way from Australia are hung up by the window. The window is all foggy as we are always cooking, bread or something yummy (well Jas has taken up the role of head chef in this household).

A touch of red is found in most places.

I bought this watermelon pot holder from a local fair for $5 pesos less than AU$1. It is hand made and very cute.

Picked cherries from my mother's small cherry tree (that was planted a few years ago as a small shrub) and is now providing lovely red fleshy fruit!

Making split pea mash and some corn!

Alcohol for those nights when we just need a drink to calm the nerves. Well mostly wine and some Mickey Mouse apple juice for when Christmas rolls by. The vodka has not been opened yet, just waiting for a warmish late afternoon.

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