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Sunday, October 14, 2012

12th of October 2012

The 12th of October is celebrated as "Columbus day" or "Day of the Americas". At Joaquin's preschool and here in Argentina they celebrate this day as the day of the respect for diverse cultures "Dia del respeto de la diversidad cultural". His teachers made him a dream catcher and he made a little drawing with a heart and his name to stick on it.
The dreamcatecher has been used in indiginous tribes in America. They are used as protection and trap the good dreams and liberate the bad dreams They represent the cycle of life and the universe and sometimes are considered sa a symbol between the union of the diverse cultures.
I think it was a lovely idea to give these to the kids in Joaquin's class.
Joaquin went to lie down at 5pm to test to see if the dream catcher worked.

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