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Sunday, October 21, 2012

gardening in Patagonia

Last weekend we did a lot of gardening. Jason got out the gloves and the petrol chainsaw to cut down a fallen tree. I weeded and cut some grass. I racked and we got rid of a lot of organic matter.
 There are flowers everywhere.
 The pine trees are green and the poplars have there leaves.

 The grass is also green and homogenous and the weeping willow is in full bloom.

 The fruit trees, apple and peach and cherries have their leaves and flowers.

 We planted some basil in some old tin pots. Hopefully these plants will thrive and are having fun in the son. If it is cold we are putting the plants in my mum's greenhouse.

This is the cabin we are staying in and the car we drive. Zalia calls it my car. The orange bench belonged to a friends of my dads and I want to re-paint it yellow.

 More flowers

Even the pine trees are flowering and getting ready for the warmer months

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