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Friday, April 9, 2010

40 weeks 1 day, last summer days in Coogee and Clovelly

Baby is still not here.
We went for breakfast with Jas friend down at Cooogee "Barzurra", it was nice. I had eggs on yummy sourdough toast and freshly squeezed apple juice. Then we went to Coogee beach park for a small play. Joaquin shares his Thomas trains with the other little boys, he is very friendly. It was really hot and we stayed only a little while as I was getting so hot. We walked back to Coogee and had a banana smoothie.
In the afternoon after a sleep we went for a swim to Clovelly. The water was gorgeous. Jas said this is definitely the last swim for this summer/autumn. But who knows. We had a great few hours, before sunset and also played in the Clovelly beach park.

I feel so big and do not know when Baby will come. I get small cramps (braxton hicks contractions) and I feel the baby pushing down deep in my pelvis, but I still fine walking around and moving. On the way home I felt a bit worried thinking about how the birth will go. I need to be positive and thing good things. I will be able to do it. I have done it before.

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