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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spring has sprung in the South

What inspires me?????

Spring, spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere and it was quite hot out, yes singlet and denim shorts weather. We went to the park just like that packed a picnic, fed the swans and cygnets (5 grey furry baby swans), had chocolate ice cream and Joaquin rolled down a grassy hill in the Park.

Inspired by flowers in everyone's garden and the smell of spring.

Inspired by clog like shoes such as these red clogs

And from Swedish Hasbeens

Inspired by people who can sew and knit like Mette
Maybe I should get this book Weekend Sewing. I wonder where I can find a good easy book to start sewing?
What about this book (it is in french)clothing for future mothers and this one LOVELY MATERNITY DRESSES - Japanese Craft Book (In Japanese)

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