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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sydney in the red

I woke up this morning with a red light coming through the window, then I walked to the kitchen and saw through the balcony doors how red everything was. There is red dust all over Sydney and I have never seen Sydney like this before. It is here as there has been strong winds over Northern Territory and South Australia and has brought all the red dust south. All the things on the balcony are covered with a fine layer of red dust and all our things look like they did when we came back from our trip up north covered in red dust.
Here is a photo from SMH of Coogee Beach this morning (just 5 min down the road from our flat)
Now it is 2.34 in the afternoon, I am at home Joaquin is hopefully asleep and I might have a shower and attempt to do some washing to hang on the line hopefully the dust has gone. It is sunny and blue now outside and no more red dust clouds!

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