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Saturday, September 19, 2009

21st of Sept Spring is here

The days are becoming warmer, and Spring is here, though I think officially Spring arrives on the 21st September (tomorrow). In Argentina there is a Spring day and all the students go out and have picnics on the 21st of Sept. Last weekend we even went down to the beach for a swim, the water was cold but Joaquin went in a lot, and i just laid on the sand and slept. I have been tired lately but starting to snap out of it.
Yesterday we threw out 5 bags of clothes and shoes, well not threw out we donated to St Vincent de Pauls.
Today we have to clean out the office. I feel good throwing things away and starting a fresh.
I am motivated to do some drawings and was very impressed by Gennine's Blog and the essentials needed to do water colour. She has an etsy shop and has beautiful water colour prints.

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