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Saturday, October 19, 2013

News for October Possum hunting

So much has been happening that I have no time to really sit, think and write about my life. So this first Saturday in three months when we are not getting up at in the wee hours to ski. Joaquin off to ski school. Ski school has finished, ski season is over, Joaquin has learnt to ski, I think he can ski practically all the mountain here at La Hoya but he was getting a bit tired at the end. He was bullied a bit as we'll and had no real friends in his group. He is 6 so I just did not push it so much, if he wants to ski he will ski or snowboard. I wished I skied a bit more, but the weather was crap a few weekends, we skied on the coldest windiest day though -21 degrees and it was scary going up the chair lift.
We'll thankfully spring is now here.
School will be finished in December and there is so much to do.

I went monito catching but only caught males, a total of 12 males, so cute so beautiful. The we let them go!
Today I will do some spring cleaning.
Pack ski things away.
Pack winter things away.
Organise my week may have to go back to Bariloche for more possum hunting next week. It is so beautiful,  Bariloche and the Llao Llao peninsula! 

Hope I can go with Jas and the kids one day. My parents came with me to help, driving to Bariloche, helping me catch them, feeding me, obliging my needs. My crazy demands, and needs. Going out of their way to help their daughter catch tiny marsupials! I love them, what a support team! 

Thats me with a little marsupial in a cage. He was male so I let him go.

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