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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Russia and Love

I have been busy this week, going into uni , finishing a paper that I want to get done before baby is due. My parents are coming from Argentina soon, yoohoo. My Mother in law is here looking after Joaquin while he still is on holidays from daycare.
Tummy feels big and sore as i sit all day in front of computer or microscope and i think bub gets all squashed up.

Finally found out who this lady and her beautiful family is.
It is Olya Thompson, née Yakovleva who is married to Charles and has four children three girls, and a little boy. Her daughters are Natalia (age three), Anastasia (six), and Marusya (two) and a little new born son. I would love to look so refined and beautiful and clam like Olya does, She comes from pedigree russian blood though.
Here she is with Anastasia

Another beautiful family shot

The family have just appeared in the US January 2010 Vogue and so has their beautiful home in NY.
I love the russian influence and gradeur.

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It followed me home said...

Such gorgeous colorful homes - they look beautifully lived in!
Congratulations on your growing baby bump!