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Monday, October 3, 2011

home made pasta

Jas made us a lovely dinner. He made fresh pasta and Joaquin helped and meatballs in tomato sauce ala Jamie Oliver. It was really good and the spaghetti fresh pasta some of the yummiest I have eaten. Joaquin loved to help and Zalia loved to eat it. I am so lucky to have Jas who is so patient and loves to cook. Halfway through the cooking I took the kids for a walk to the bottle shop to buy some red wine. On the way back Joaquin fell over and scraped his hand and nose. It bled and I thought he may have hurt his teeth but he cried for a little while and then was back to his usual happy self.

Zalia waiting for dinner

Dinner's ready

Joaquin twirling his pasta

Zalia enjoying her and ate all her dinner

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