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Friday, October 14, 2011

Updating photos from iPhone onto the cloud

Its really easy to upload photos from iPhone to my mac and then put them on the blog. On Thursday I changed all our mac products  iPhones, iPads, my MacBook Air and Jas MacBook with the new operating machine. The mac book air is the coolest machine in the blogasphere as Jason puts it. He also ordered the coolest new phone in the blogasphere the new iPhone 4S.
Well it is Saturday morning and Zalia has temperature 38.6 degrees C. She does not let us take her temperature (she cries and goes on as if it is the end of the world), she does not allow us to give her panadol so in the end we use the dog method.
The dog method is as follows: holding the baby down and stuffing the panadol down her throat with her putting up a big fight.
However even with her overall grumpiness she is managing to eat, she has had dried nutrigrain for breakfast, a gazillion breast feeds courtesy of moi, and half an orange. I was lucky to get freshly made pancakes for breakfast made with love from JASON and coffee while Za had a little morning siesta.
Zalia eating nutrigrain for breakfast
Pancakes for breakfast

Setting up all the new operating systems

Zalia sick

Oranges for a sick little bub

Yesterday after Uni and my last teaching lab for the year (Yayyy and sad at the same time) I ventured solo into St Vincents de Paul in Randwick and saw 20 something men buying colourful dress up clothes and I remembered those good old days buying second hand clothes for parties. In the end I bought a few goodies:
- blue children's guitar
-blue and white summer top for Zalia
-plastic pokka-dot bracelet for me
-thomas the tank engine egg cup (not shown)
I think I scored!
Guitar from St Vincents

$2 spotty bracelet from St Vinnies

Top for Zalia from St Vinnies

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