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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Busy busy wednesday

It started in bed, playing and taking photos and Zalia thankfully feeling better. She is on antibiotics as the Dr. (the one I go to when there is no other on Sunday down at Coogee) gave her antibiotics, said her ears were red, she had a croupy cough and high temperature.  She really fights the dr looking in her ears. Then it is a big fight to take in any medicine at all, panadol and antibiotics. Thankfully four days into taking antibiotics her fever has come down to no fever at all and she actually opens her mouth and swallows the antibiotics when I syringe it in. Good girl.

After the photo session, it was breakfast, then cleaning up for me, a play date when Joaquin's friends till 10.15am. Zalia slept a little in her cot from 9.50-10.30.

Then I made lunch, cleaned some more, administered medicine, then got ready and took the pram and the two kids for a walk. Walked down to beach, went to visit another friend of Joaquin's and had a playmate. Joaquin got upset at his friend's place as another friend was visiting and Joaquin's friend was telling him that Joaquin was not his best friend anymore. Joaquin is sensitive and this upsets him. He is also very bright. He told me what streets I needed to take to get to his friend's place as I forgot which street we had taken when we walked a new way last time. He knew. So there was lunch eating, play doe playing, crying, block building, block demolishing, Zalia ate something, some apple, some sandwich, and still breastfed a lot, nappy changing.

Then at 1.30 we left as his friend and the other little girl went to a swim class. Joaquin felt left out. He was sad. We walked down to beach, I had a coffee, take away which was my saviour. Then walked to the shops in the middle of the beach and got some take away banana smoothies ( Joaquin loves it when they write a B for banana on his smoothie cup). Then I bought Joaquin some havianna thongs with sharks on them, Zalia upset in the pram and spilt her smoothie in the shop, I cleaned it up, was a bit frazzled. Then walked back to the park. Joaquin played with a little boy he met, Zalia went on the swing, she loved it, then fell asleep breastfeeding and I put her in her pram, she slept for about an hour and a half. Joaquin's other friend from the morning came to the park to play, Zalia's two little friends from the mums group came to the park to play but Zalia still asleep in the pram. Finally she woke, she was happy. So i stayed in the park till about 4.50pm.

Then took bus home. On the way home i bought some baked cheese cake and chocolate biscuits and two mini croissants for Joaquin and Zalia at a beautiful new artisan cafe opened around the corner. The cake was for J and I after dinner.
Then at home, I got ready to go running. Jas arrived at 5.30pm, we did not get out the door till after 6pm and then back to the beach.

 I ran 33 min and ran 5.17km in that time. I saw whales out to sea, a lot of them, their spurts and Jas stayed playing on the sand at coogee Beach with Joaquin and Zalia. Then it was Jas turn to run, he also saw whales. I walked back to the shops, bought hot chips for dinner and sliced bread. Then walked back to the playground (Had zalia in one hand and the bags in the other and Joaquin walking by my side). Finally got back to the park, met Jas there after his run it was already 7.30pm. Got home made dinner (organic salad, fetta, and organic tomato), steak and some hot chips- for us, pasta peas, carrots, steak, chips for them.

Bath, then dinner. Then bed time (jas put them to bed). I cleaned up. Then rubbish taken out, scraps emptied in compost. Shower and finally RELAX time- Had some chamomile tea, cake and watched a little tv. Jas played with his new iPhone. Then 10.30pm bed.

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