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Saturday, October 22, 2011

First beach day in Spring

The weather was beautiful on Sunday so we decided to head to the beach. I made a lovely breakfast for everyone first thing in the morning, scrambled eggs for us and dippy eggs for Joaquin. Zalia just grazed on toast and wheet-bix. Then after breakfast I decided to bite the bullet and clean the floors and house. I did some washing and we got ready to walk down to the beach. We walked down to Coogee and arrived after 11am. Zalia fell asleep on the way down. I waited with the pram on the promenade and there were other people doing the same thing, having lunch, drying off. I waited while Zalia slept and Jas and Joaquin went for a splash in the ocean. Jas said the water was gorgeous, it was about 17 degrees, no stingers and very clean.
I took some photos of Zalia after she woke up. Then we went to have lunch, subway sandwiches, and we sat down on the grass by the beach to have our lunch. Then we stopped by the shops to buy some items for dinner. Jas said he was going to make some fresh pasta. We walked home up hill and stopped at the petrol station to fill the pram's tyres. Joaquin fell asleep on the way home. Jas made fresh pasta, he made a lovely tomato sauce with some fresh organic tomatoes and a can of organic tomatoes (whole), he ironed his shirts while I had a little sleep on the bed with Zalia and she opened my bag and got all my cosmetics outs. At 5.00 we all got ready to go to Queens park for a run, I also made some banana smoothies with organic bananas and strawberries before the run.
 I ran 5km in 32 min and Jas ran 5km in 25 min. We ran from queens park to Centennial and once around Centennial. Once home we really enjoyed Jas's home made pasta and sauce and pesto. So delish.

Zalia and Jas at Coogee park

At Queens Park playground

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