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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Messy play and fun

Joaquin and his friend with playdoh

Zalia painting

making play doh with the owner of the shop
Today I took the kids to the Messy Spot so they could paint and draw and make a mess to their heart's content. It is a little bit expensive but there are crafts to do and play doh to make and painting to do. Zalia also painted on the wall. She was very good.
It was a grey miserable day so it was nice to get out and stay busy. I caught the bus to Maroubra and I talked to a lovely man on the bus who told me about his two boys who are twins and autistic who will be starting school next year. They are both 5.
Joaquin had fun at the Messy spot playing with his friend and making play doh. He made an echidna out of yellow play doh.  Zalia loves to hold the paintbrush and has a lot of concentration for an 18 month old. I also took some videos and met a lady from Chile  and her 8 year old daughter who I recognised as being someone i bought things from ebay. The world is so small.

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