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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Darling harbour water playground

Today is Monday, a long weekend here in Australia. We have woken up at about 8.30am and thanks to daylight savings we sleep in a bit. Last night we (Jas and I) stayed up late watching tv, Underbelly Razor, about Sydney crime scene, set in Sydney approximately between 1927-1946. I fell asleep by the heater but Jas watched the episodes we have recorded and now we are up to date. In the last weeks we have spent watching Dexter and now are ready for episode 6. We love Dexter at our house and call him D.

Yesterday we went to Darling Harbour and had soup at Paddys market. We had been there a few weeks ago when we went to see Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre. This time I had a seafood wonton noodle soup. Mine was ok, did not finish it and the noodles (yellow noodles) had a very strong smell like some chemical or strange bleach. yuck. Jas's soup was ok, he had rice noodles and his did not smell. Joaquin had sushi-salmon and prawns and Zalia did not eat just breasted. After lunch we walked over to the Pearl tea shop near the elevators and  we had a pearl tea and Zalia loves holding the drink bottle. Mine was almond milk nice but I forgot the pearl jelly balls. Its nice to suck them up the straws. We then walked over to Darling Harbour to the South American Festival and to check out the new playground. It is really good playground, like a water playground but good for kids over 4  I think. They can climb, move water, pump water and play on a flying fox.

These are the comments about the playground:

Does your local playground have a 21-metre flying fox? Didn't think so!
How about a water play area with pumps and water buckets? Thought not!
Darling Quarter's new playground is one of Australia's best. Water games, climbing ropes, swings, slides and flying foxes will keep toddlers and teens entertained for hours. It's fun, thrilling and best of all FREE!
We checked out the South American music, had a choripan (chorizo in bread roll) and some churros. Zalia ate churros and some bread and Joaquin had a chori-pan.

Joaquin eating a chorizo

However last night after getting ready for bed there was a big spew and Joaquin really spewed all his food and said "I spewed brown fire". He was ok after his spew and went back to sleep. Jas had to clean everything up and I have not seen the bathroom look so messy with spew ever. I am quite cautious of the kids eating sausages and mince meat when we are out. I hope he does not have a tummy bug from this.
Have a nice weekend xx

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