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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Making mulberry jam (red and pink)

Yesterday we went outside and picked mulberries from the tree on the footpath. There was another lady picking them too, from Lebanon who had 6 children, whose sister lived in Santa Fe Argentina and whose mother was born in Mexico and father had lived in Cuba. All her children have french names. She picks the mulberries and eats them fresh on yoghurt. Our mulberries came courtesy from the tree planted by our next door neighbours who are Greek. The next door neighbour Basil tells me he picks them, cooks them, then eats them with cold vanilla ice-cream.
So i decided to boil them with water and sugar. I did not have raw sugar so I used brown sugar.
I followed Stephanie Alexander who writes about mulberries but does not give a recipe on how to cook them. Just how to cook berries overall.

photo of Zalia and I. She is still sick with fever. It was 39.6 this morning. She has had panadol and is feeling better but not eating much. Just breastfeeding constantly.

Red apple container I got from ebay.

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